Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd Holiday

Eric Tenorio, Jewish Boston, 11/26/2019

In Israel, the holiday officially began on Nov. 26 and continues through Nov. 27.

Wild, colorful, book of portraits shatters all stereotypes of who is a Jew

Jenni Frazer, The Times of Israel, 11/22/2019

Catch an Argentinian-Jewish cowboy, a murderer, tattooed Jews and more in ‘Jew,’ by John Offenbach, the center of a new exhibit at London’s Jewish Museum through April.

Ethiopian Prime Minster Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Yosef I. Abramowitz, The Jerusalem Post, 10/11/2019

Kudos to the Nobel Peace Prize committee for recognizing the bold visions and action of Ethiopia’s youthful Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wins 2019 Nobel Peace Prize For Efforts In Ending Conflict With Eritrea

Tomas Kassahun, Blavity, 10/11/2019

The Norwegian Nobel Committee recognized Abiy Ahmed for making peace with Eritrea.

Netanyahu: Israel Must Do More to Incorporate Ethiopian Jews, Combat Racism

Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, 06/03/2019

The government must do more to integrate Israelis who immigrated from Ethiopia and to combat racism and discrimination against them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

By foot from Ethiopia via Sudan, Vered is inspired by parents’ sacrifice

Kobe Lieberman, Israel and Stuff, 05/23/2019

Incredible story of sacrifice and the inspiration of a child, Vered Achihon, now 39, who walked to Israel with her parents from Ethiopia via Sudan, on a perilous journey spanning months.

The Ethiopian Israeli Artist Whose 'Black Art' Gives Power to the People

Vered Lee, Haaretz, 05/10/2019

Nirit Takele says she has always painted about the disadvantaged Ethiopian community; it’s not some stream of ‘black art’ shown for the trendy in New York or London

Eden Dersso Is the Changing Face of Tel Aviv’s Hip-Hop Scene

Liana Satenstein, Vogue, 04/02/2019

Over the past year, Dersso has become a sensation in the city’s small but growing rap scene, yet she has spent her whole life preparing for this meteoric rise.

When Ethiopian Jews Tried To Save European Jews From Holocaust

Seth J. Frantzman, The Jerusalem Post, 01/27/2019

Ethiopian Jews suffered under the Italian occupation but by 1943 they were able to reach out to the emperor to suggest hosting Jews fleeing Europe.

Then and now: Tracking down the Ethiopian Jews who moved to Israel

Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 05/14/2016

A new exhibition at The Museum of the Jewish People, in Tel Aviv, provides a fascinating insight into how members of the Ethiopian-Jewish community acclimatized to Israel – some more successfully than others – following Operation Moses in the mid-1980s.

Film to document plight of Ethiopian Jews

Khalid Moss, Dayton Daily News, 12/31/2007

Becoming Israelis

Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week, 11/01/2007

A Touch Of Ethiopia In Israel

Steve Lipman, The Jewish Week, 11/24/2006

Daughters of the Ark

Anna Morgan, , 10/01/2005

In 939 B.C.E. a daring girl and her priestly Jewish family journey from Jerusalem to Ethiopia with the son of Solomon and Sheba secretly transporting the Ark of the Covenant, the most important symbol of their faith.

A New Museum for Ethiopian Jews

Staff Writer, JTA Email Edition, 07/15/2005

An Absorbing Matter

Gail Lichtman, Jerusalem Post, 09/09/2004