Netanyahu: Israel Must Do More to Incorporate Ethiopian Jews, Combat Racism

Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, 06/03/2019

The government must do more to integrate Israelis who immigrated from Ethiopia and to combat racism and discrimination against them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

By foot from Ethiopia via Sudan, Vered is inspired by parents’ sacrifice

Kobe Lieberman, Israel and Stuff, 05/23/2019

Incredible story of sacrifice and the inspiration of a child, Vered Achihon, now 39, who walked to Israel with her parents from Ethiopia via Sudan, on a perilous journey spanning months.

First Ethiopian Jewry Research Hub Aims to Preserve Community’s Traditions

Melanie Lidman, Times of Israel, 01/08/2019

Led by popular Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, the new institute seeks to move beyond ‘proving’ community’s ties to ancient Judaism.

The Revolutionary History of Ethiopia’s Jews

David Ratner, Haaretz, 10/29/2018

A new study reveals that Beta Israel were active in the Marxist-inspired armed struggle to overthrow the regime

From Small Town Ethiopia to Big City Law Student

Bezawit Abebe, Jewish&, 10/23/2018

How parents' courage inspired a life of service for one Ethiopian Jew

An Ethiopian Jew Makes Aliyah A Second Time

Pnina Agenyahu, Jewish&, 10/25/2017

What an Israeli Ethiopian Learned About Judaism from American Jews.

Despite Distance and Difference, World Jewry's Rosh Hashana Celebrations Center in Jerusalem

Eliana Rudee, Breaking Israel News, 09/18/2017

"And in that day, a great ram’s horn shall be sounded; and the strayed who are in the land of Assyria and the expelled who are in the land of Egypt shall come and worship Hashem on the holy mount, in Yerushalayim.” Isaiah 27:13 (The Israel Bible™)

Ethiopian Rosh Hashanah blends ancient customs with yearning for aliyah to Jerusalem

Adam Abrams, Jewish Standard, 09/14/2017

Despite relative isolation from their Jewish brethren around the world for millennia, Ethiopian Jews have shared a dream — to celebrate Rosh Hashanah “next year in Jerusalem.”

At 10 she was airlifted out of Ethiopia. Now she shares her story around the Bay.

Maya Mirsky, The Jewish News of Northern California, 09/04/2017

Then and now: Tracking down the Ethiopian Jews who moved to Israel

Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 05/14/2016

A new exhibition at The Museum of the Jewish People, in Tel Aviv, provides a fascinating insight into how members of the Ethiopian-Jewish community acclimatized to Israel – some more successfully than others – following Operation Moses in the mid-1980s.

Explore Ethiopia: A Coloring Book

Stacy Bellward and Danette Malerich, , 06/20/2009

Color your way through Ethiopia with animals, famous places, instruments, houses, people, traditional art, jewelry and crosses.

Film to document plight of Ethiopian Jews

Khalid Moss, Dayton Daily News, 12/31/2007

Becoming Israelis

Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week, 11/01/2007

A Touch Of Ethiopia In Israel

Steve Lipman, The Jewish Week, 11/24/2006

A New Museum for Ethiopian Jews

Staff Writer, JTA Email Edition, 07/15/2005

An Absorbing Matter

Gail Lichtman, Jerusalem Post, 09/09/2004