The Grand Canvases of Nirit Takele's Ethiopian-Israeli Experience

Rachel Ringler, Tablet, 01/16/2019

The painter Nirit Takele, already a celebrated artist at 33 years old, is evoking the spirit of both her homelands in her bold work.

From Germany to Gabon: The Poetry of Jewish Experience

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 01/09/2019

Jews from around the world participate in unique community event.

An Ethiopian Jew Makes Aliyah A Second Time

Pnina Agenyahu, Jewish&, 10/25/2017

What an Israeli Ethiopian Learned About Judaism from American Jews.

At 10 she was airlifted out of Ethiopia. Now she shares her story around the Bay.

Maya Mirsky, The Jewish News of Northern California, 09/04/2017