Interfaith Opportunity Summit 2016

IfF staff member, InterfaithFamily, 09/20/2016

Join us for an insightful conversation exploring how the Jewish Community can better support our interfaith families.

5 Multicultural Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 09/07/2016

Here are five of our favorite multicultural Jewish food recipes that we are sure will certainly add flair the Rosh Hashanah celebrations. Don’t take our word for it, make them yourself, now or any time of year!


Raising Race Conscious Children, Raising Race Conscious Children, 06/02/2016

In honor of Raising Race Conscious Children’s 100th post, this list lifts a quote from each and every blog post to date, modeling language that has actually been used in a conversation with a child regarding race (and other identity-markers such as gender and class).

The Global History of Ma Nishtana

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 03/30/2015

This simple piece of the Haggadah liturgy is one the first Jews learn but few of us know about the history of this text and the music that has now become the classic tradition.

Fathers – Look for those (Jewish) teaching moments

Noah Leavitt, Jewish&, 06/15/2015

"Hey Buddy!” Whenever I hear that term, so common coming from the lips of dads in my generation, I invariably pause to reflect on the Fifth Commandment which instructs children to honor their parents (“kibbud av va-em”).

Eating Bacon?

Janaki Kuruppu, Jewish&, 04/21/2015

"Did you like bacon before you were Jewish?" This question from one or both of my sons comes up periodically, at the dinner table, or in the car.

My Christian Great-Grandmother, My Jewish Inspiration

Michael J. DeYoung, Jewish&, 11/18/2014

Knowing that my great-grandmother was able to live through times where being Black resulted in beatings and deaths, yet still maintain such strong religious beliefs inspired me to be proud of my Jewish heritage.

Grantee Profile: Be’Chol Lashon

Jon Moskin, Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund, 11/14/2014

With Jews constituting only 0.2% of the world population, inclusivity ought to be a value of the utmost importance – for ethical and moral reasons, for cultural and spiritual richness, and to ensure our continued existence as a people. And, yet, when it comes to accepting Jews of color into the mainstream of Jewish life, challenges and obstacles abound.

Schoolboys, not soldiers: A mother responds

Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish Journal, 07/01/2014

How does a Jewish mother respond to the unthinkable? In Jeremiah, we read of the matriarch Rachel, the quintessential Jewish mother, who sat in Ramah crying and bitterly weeping. There was no comfort for her, her children were gone. Like our ancient matriarch, we, too, are in mourning.

Race in America: It's Personal

Gal Adam Spinrad, Jewish&, 07/11/2016

It’s personal. Those men, those boys, those women who have been killed for being black, Whose names are a list we read and reread and speak and call out to remember, Those precious lives that matter, They could be my son. They are my son. My son’s life matters.

Lessons Learned from Multicultural Jewish Asian Families

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 06/28/2016

What does it mean to be Jewish and Asian? Amidst the complex conversations about race in America comes JewAsian, a groundbreaking book that explores Jewish Asian identity, by Be'chol Lashon's Noah Levitt and Helen Kim.

Race: Pushing Myself & the Jewish Community

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 06/22/2016

The need for Be’chol Lashon’s work to create a racially and ethnically inclusive Jewish community is greater than it has ever been.

Mothers, Judaism's Heroes

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 05/04/2016

My mother, once Tanya Maria Robertson, now Shulamis Geulah Rothstein, taught my brothers and me so many things! She, like a great lioness, raised us to think, to feel and to respond to the needs of our people, regardless of religious affiliation, skin color or garb.

'Little White Lie' playing in Summit Feb. 19

Peter Fiorilla, Union News Daily, 02/18/2016

Facebook Likes to Real World Love

Team Be'chol Lashon, My Jewish Learning, 02/10/2016

Given the strength their love for each other is, it seems like these two were meant to be together. But as for many Jews of Color, finding a match was by no means guaranteed. The path to matrimony was part luck, part technology, and a whole lot of Torah. Romance was really an afterthought.

The day my daughter realized she isn't white

Lisa Papademetriou, The Washington Post, 11/03/2015

We live in the United States, and my daughter is an American girl. In a culture dominated by images of white people in advertising, books, and movies, my daughter had simply identified with what she saw around her.