Ariel Samson: Freelance Rabbi

MaNishtana, Multikosheral Press, 09/05/2018

Ariel Samson is just your run of the mill anomaly: a 20-something black Orthodox Jewish rabbi looking for love, figuring out life, and floating between at least two worlds.

Peacesong DC: A Jewish Africana Academia Epic Tale of Washington City

Carolivia Herron, Street to Street Epic Publications, 07/22/2016

Although all of the stories told in Peacesong DC are based on actual events in the author’s life, the book is classified as fiction rather than non-fiction because the stories bend toward the arc of storytelling rather than that of rigid facts. If something in the story appears particularly improbable, it is likely to be the truth.

Small Island

Andrea Levy, Picador, 04/10/2010

Told in these four voices, Small Island is a courageous novel of tender emotion and sparkling wit, of crossings taken and passages lost, of shattering compassion and of reckless optimism in the face of insurmountable barriers---in short, an encapsulation of that most American of experiences: the immigrant's life.