As a German Jew Raising a Family in America, I Did Not Sign Up for This

Julian Voloj, Kveller, 01/14/2021

I usually am not in favor of Nazi analogies because such comparisons downplay the horrors of the era, but so many events over the last years seemed to echo the past.

Reflections on Illness, Separation, and “BallinStadt,” My Family’s Ellis Island

Julian Voloj, Jewish&, 04/20/2020

The former emigration station in Hamburg has special meaning for me because both of my grandfathers departed for Colombia from there in the 1930s.

Funny, You Don’t Look German

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 06/06/2017

A German Colombian Jew dedicates his life to building an inclusive (Jewish) world.

Germany's Jews: Latkes and vodka

Staff Writer, The Economist, 01/03/2008