The Jewish Greek family that was saved in the Holocaust

Ilana Shtotland, Jerusalem Post, 04/12/2020

Corporon’s book, Something Beautiful Happened: A Story of Survival and Courage in the Face of Evil, tells the unbelievable story of how the Savvas family was saved during the Shoah.

Thessaloniki’s Jews: 'We can’t let this be forgotten; if it’s forgotten, it will die'

Sam Jones, The Guardian, 07/29/2019

New centre in Greek city will be lifeline for small community, mostly descendants of Iberian exiles.

Through the Lens of Nissim Levis

Leslie Camhi, Tablet, 01/07/2019

An exhibit of stereoscopic photographs portrays a rarefied vision of Greek Jewish life, almost entirely wiped out in World War II

Taking Greek Jewish Life to the Streets of New York

Ethan Marcus, Jewish&, 04/24/2018

A family tradition turns into an annual Jewish Greek Festival for an entire city

Greek Burekas, A Treat at Shavuot or Year-Round

Marcia Weingarten, Jewish&, 06/09/2016

In our Sephardic community, our roots being Ottoman Rhodes, we make a few special dairy foods for the occasion; sutlach, a creamy rice pudding is one, and burekas, a community and family favorite, is another.

Jewish Quarter of Rhodes 1930

Team, Shades Magazine, 03/03/2016

A video showing the Jewish quarter called La Juderia in the greek island of Rhodes at the year 1930.

Hanukkah Recipe from Greece: Bunuelos (Doughnuts) with Honey

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 11/16/2015

Jewish food of Greece can add so much to Hanukkah celebrations.

7 Charoset Recipes to Give Passover an International Flair

Ruth Abusch Magder, Jewish&, 04/01/2014

Whether you make one, two or all of the seven classic and modern recipes we have collected, we doubt that you will be able to wait until the seder to taste these outstanding Charoset!

Eating Greek at Hanukkah

The Be'chol Lashon Staff, My Jewish Learning, 11/16/2015

Eating Greek at Hanukkah might seem like a contradiction but on the flip side of this dichotomy are centuries during which Greek-Jewish flourished with Jews living and thriving in Greece. And the Jewish food of Greece can add so much to Hanukkah celebrations.

The Incredible History of a Greek Jewish Shul in NYC

Marjorie Ingall, Tablet Magazine, 06/04/2015

Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance

Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 04/25/2015

Welcoming the Bride Modern Style

Lior Ben-Hur, Jewish&, 02/17/2015

Since I released my latest music video, "Boee Kala", many friends, fellow musicians, and community members have asked me questions regarding to the meaning of the song, its title, the choice of location for shooting the video as well as my personal connection to the text.

My Big Happy Greek-Ashkenazi Family

Adam Kofinas, Jewish&, 01/20/2015

I am the product of an intermarriage of sorts, but not the kind you're probably thinking of. My mother's family hails from various parts of Eastern Europe, and my dad's family comes from Greece, and all sides of my family are historically Jewish.

Thessaloniki Strives to Revive its Jewish Past, but Encounters a New Form of Anti-Semitism

Giorgos Christides, Haaretz, 11/16/2014

More than 95 percent of Thessaloniki’s Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. Today, the Greek city's mayor is taking pains to restore a Jewish history that had also been eradicated.

New Law Bans Holocaust Denial in Greece

Stephanie Butnick, Tablet Magazine, 09/10/2014