Ten Famous Americans with Greek or Turkish Jewish Heritage

Ethan Marcus, Jewish&, 03/11/2020

These actors, designers, musicians, business leaders, and even a former member of Congress have all played a role in the American Jewish narrative.

75 years After Auschwitz, Greek Survivor Continues to Inspire

Ethan Marcus, Jewish&, 01/27/2020

Reflecting on the liberation of Auschwitz, a young Greek Jew takes up the torch of memory.

Greek Jewish Hanukkah Is Not A Paradox

Ethan Marcus, Jewish&, 12/19/2019

Celebrating Hanukkah with unique Greek Jewish customs.

Meet Moses Elisaf, The First Jewish Mayor In Greece, The Cradle Of Democracy

Matt A. Hanson, The Forward, 07/05/2019

Despite centuries of widespread anti-Semitism in Greece, a Jewish man becomes the mayor of a Greek city.

Through the Lens of Nissim Levis

Leslie Camhi, Tablet, 01/07/2019

An exhibit of stereoscopic photographs portrays a rarefied vision of Greek Jewish life, almost entirely wiped out in World War II

The tragedy of the Jews of Rhodes ‎

Ariel Bulshtein, Israel Hayom, 09/30/2018

Greek Burekas, A Treat at Shavuot or Year-Round

Marcia Weingarten, Jewish&, 06/09/2016

In our Sephardic community, our roots being Ottoman Rhodes, we make a few special dairy foods for the occasion; sutlach, a creamy rice pudding is one, and burekas, a community and family favorite, is another.

Passover, 70 Years After the Liberation

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 03/24/2015

"It was the day before Passover, and our Division Chaplain, of the 42nd Rainbow Division sent out a notice that we were going to have Passover Services."

The paradox of Hanukkah in Greece—and in Auschwitz

Devin Naar, UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies, 12/18/2017

For Jews in Greece Hanukkah seems to pose an existential problem, as it is typically considered a holiday commemorating the Jewish victory over the Greeks and their policies of forced Hellenization and religious persecution. It’s a holiday that splits the identity of the Greek Jew into two seemingly contradictory, mutually hostile parts.


Kehila Kedosha Janina 5th Annual Greek Jewish Festival

KIla Kedosha Janina Sybagogue and museum, , 01/01/1970

Experience authentic kosher Greek foods and homemade Greek pastries, traditional Greek dancing and live Greek and Sephardic music, an outdoor marketplace full of vendors, arts and educational activities for kids, and much more!