Finding Common Ground in Interfaith Marriage

Jennifer Miller, The New York Times, 06/09/2016

When Dan Diamond was 12, his mother gave him a book titled “It All Begins With a Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage.” At the time, it seemed a bizarre gift for someone so young, but its aim was clear.

Helen Kim, Whitman College-Intermarriage

Helen Kim, Inside Higher Ed, 01/01/1970

In today’s Academic Minute, Whitman College’s Helen Kim examines if combining cultures, races or religious backgrounds can make both stronger in the long run. Kim is an associate professor of sociology at Whitman. Click to listen.

Funny - You Don't Look Jewish

Helen Kim, Whitman College, 05/11/2015

Contrary to previous studies on intermarriage that argue for the erosion of Judaism and Jewish identity, our work has demonstrated the opposite.

Q&A with Asian-Jewish researcher couple Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt

Julia Wiener, jta, 03/13/2015

Be'chol Lashon research scholars, Helen Kim and her husband, Noah Leavitt are the leading, and virtually only, experts on Asian-Jewish intermarriage in the United States.

When you're Asian and Jewish, you get questions

Dan Pine, J Weekly, 03/05/2015

Be'chol Lashon Research Scholars Discuss Multiracial FamiliesPart Asian-American, All Jewish?

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, npr, 02/10/2015

The affinity between Jews and Asians has some grounding in culture, according to Kim and Leavitt. In 2012, they published a study that sought to explain what draws these two ancient cultures together.

Kimchi and Latkes: Growing up Korean and Jewish

Victoria Namkung, The Huffington Post, 07/29/2014

Cultural relations

Ruth E. Kott, University of Chicago Magazine, 01/31/2013