Persian Upside-Down Cake with Dates and Cardamom

Tannaz Sassooni, My Jewish Learning, 09/10/2019

A sweet tribute to Persian Rosh Hashanah traditions.

Indonesian Culinary and Cultural Inspiration for Rosh Hashana

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 08/29/2018

A childhood in Java inspires home cook to feed Jewish community in Singapore

Act Now: Repair the World

Repair the World, JCC East Bay, 09/26/2017

Repair the World and JCC East Bay are coming together for a kickoff event of learning and volunteering infused with Jewish values. Join fellow young adults from Oakland and Berkeley to engage in conversations that build new connections and serve immediate community needs during the High Holiday season.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: Tashlique at Ocean Beach near Fulton (across from Beach Chalet) FREE

JCCSF and Reeboot, Eventbright, 09/21/2017

Reset your system with our modern spin on a 600-year-old Rosh Hashanah ritual called tashlich. This custom of ridding ourselves of all our bad vuggum (karma) from the previous year and getting a fresh start for the new one is traditionally enacted by tossing bread into the ocean.

Justice Ginsburg surprise speaker at Jewish new year service

Jessica Gresko, Associated Press, 09/21/2017

Ginsburg spoke mostly about her Jewish faith, acknowledging that the Jewish justices who have served on the court have shared some similar views, which she linked to their Jewish heritage.

We still have time to repent for American racism

Danya Ruttenburg, The Washington Post, 09/18/2017

Far-Flung World Jewry Adopts Unique Rosh Hashana Traditions, But Eternal Dream Remains

Eliana Rudee, Breaking Israel News, 09/18/2017

And in that day, a great ram’s horn shall be sounded; and the strayed who are in the land of Assyria and the expelled who are in the land of Egypt shall come and worship Hashem on the holy mount, in Yerushalayim.” Isaiah 27:13 (The Israel Bible™)

How A Mumbai Cook Prepares For Rosh Hashanah

Shulie Madnick, Forward, 09/17/2017

On the morning of Rosh Hashanah Eve 2016, I met Sharona Hayeems, a local Indian Jewish caterer, at her home in Dadar, a neighborhood in Mumbai where some of the remaining 4,500 Indian Jews in India still live. I was there to spend some time watching her cook for Rosh Hashanah. Read more:

A New Rosh Hashanah Song and Album for a New Year

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 09/14/2017

Talking about an “Anyada Buena” with Ladino singer and activist Sarah Aroeste

Meet the Last Jews of Cairo

Jared Malsin, Time, 09/21/2015

A Family Ritual for Blessing the New Year

Marcia Weingarten, Jewish&, 09/09/2015

Over the generations, our family tradition had been to go to the beach on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. Now that we live in disparate parts of Los Angeles, have differing synagogue schedules and levels of observance, our extended families (about 40 of us) come from throughout the greater Los Angeles area and meet at Venice Beach on the Sunday morning between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, bringing our beach chairs and something to share at our informal brunch that follows.

Uncovering Awe and Joy in Israel

adm, Jewish&, 04/23/2015

“Ima, I’m eating breakfast. It tastes like home. I want to live here forever.”

Amazing and Improbable Transformations for the New Year

Rabbi Juan Mejia, Jewish&, 09/11/2014

Lessons from Catholic Mass for Rosh Hashanah

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 09/04/2014

Eating Jewish: Get ready to fast with Sephardic fish in tomato sauce

Katherine Romanow, Jewish Women's Archive, 10/04/2011

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah on the Ethiopian New Year

Yehuda L. Ceitlin, CHABAD.ORG, 09/12/2007

Fasting Has a Way of Humbling the Self

Rabbi Capers Funnye, NPR, 09/20/2006

Find a High Holiday Service with No Membership Required

Staff Writer, JTA Email Edition, 09/10/2004