A Brazilian soccer team wore Stars of David on their jerseys as a tribute to Kristallnacht

Marcus M. Gilban, JTA, 11/07/2019

Players for one of Brazil’s most popular soccer teams wore Stars of David on their jerseys on Wednesday to remember Kristallnacht, or the 1938 Nazi pogrom that most mark as the beginning of the Holocaust.

Atonement: The Jewish case for black reparations

Gabriel Greschler, The J., 10/04/2019

“This [discrimination] is in my generation’s lifetime. This is not ancient history. There was an injustice done,” “So, the whole question is, what are you going to do about it?”

‘We Jews had nowhere to go’: Shanghailanders step into the spotlight to tell their stories

Gabriel Greschler, The J., 09/12/2019

As a 6-year-old Jewish girl in Berlin in 1939, Helga Silberberg was about to start a tumultuous journey.

The son of Holocaust hero Chiune Sugihara is setting the record straight about his father’s story

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 05/16/2019

After decades of relative obscurity, the tale of the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara has become one of the best-known Holocaust rescue stories, rivaling those of Oskar Schindler and Irena Sendler.

Never Again, Northern Star

Stacey Aviva Flint, The New York Jewish Week, 05/02/2019

One of the most healing aspect of Judaism to me is remembering pain and then transforming that into a commitment to heal myself, help heal others, and stand up for injustice so that our world can be better.

Why does Holocaust Remembrance Day ignore Middle Eastern Jews?

Hen Mazzig, JTA, 05/01/2019

When I asked my Iraqi grandmother why the Holocaust is significant to us, she answered, “It is a horrible thing that happened to the Ashkenazim,” and that we are one family; we are all Jews.

Sign Of The Times: Jordan Peele’s Nazi-Hunting Series Marching To Screen With New Stars

Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post, 02/19/2019

“It’s cathartic. It’s noir. It’s frighteningly relevant,” Peele said after “The Hunt” was greenlighted.

Reimagining A Holocaust Classic

Lior Ben-Hur, Jewish&, 06/14/2016

Music and Judaism go hand in hand. Every Shabbat service, lifecycle event, Jewish holiday or Israeli holiday has a specific song or melody that relates to that special day.

Lighting to be Seen

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 12/22/2014

When I light my menorah , I let the whole world know that sometimes I cannot see, and I really need you, my fellow-being, to show me the way, to lift me up, to push me forward and to encourage me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A Muslim Who Saved Thousands of Jews from the Nazis

Rabbi Simchah Aaron Green, Jewish Exponent, 06/30/2016

The last few weeks, Jewish communities across the world listened once again as there were threats of genocidal violence alongside more Islamic State-generated terror and tragedy, all amid the specter of indiscriminate terror towards innocent travelers. These weeks seem to be the norm rather than the exception. These weeks seem to highlight what the world has not learned from decades of violence — especially violence against Jews.

What Ta-Nehisi Coates Can Learn From the Jewish Experience

Andrew Eli, Observer, 09/17/2015

For a generation—whether black, Jewish, or both—to forge its future, it needs to look ahead, and not just behind.

What's It Like To Be Black And Have A Famous Nazi Grandfather

Avner Shapira, Haaretz, 02/11/2015

An odd series of events led Jennifer Teege to discover that her grandfather was none other than the notorious Nazi Amon Goeth.

Anne Frank on the Reservation

Anthony Boadle, Reuters, 01/22/2007

A Priest Embraces His Hidden Jewish Roots

Ingrid Peritz, Globeandmail.com, 05/11/2005