How My Hispanic-Filipino and Jewish Identities Come Together through Teaching

Anjelica Ruiz,, 06/04/2019

As someone who is half-Filipino and half-Hispanic and grew up in a diverse Dallas, TX, neighborhood, I never gave much thought to the politics of skin color and how that affected me – at least not until I entered the Jewish community.

A-Wa, a Band of Yemenite Jewish Sisters, Wants You to Feel at Home

Emily Burack, Alma, 05/29/2019

Let us introduce you to a band of sisters with the last name Haim. No, not the ones you’re thinking of. Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim are sisters from southern Israel, and together they form a band called A-WA (Arabic for “Yes,” pronounced AY-wah).

A Graphic Novel That Answers a Child’s Question About Being Biracial

Ed Park, The New York Times, 05/02/2019

For a person of color in America, the term person of color can be both useful and divisive, at once a form of solidarity and a badge of alienation. There’s a flattening effect, too: A multitude of ethnicities and cultures, with their own color-coded nuances, get crammed into the initials P.O.C. Among its many virtues, Mira Jacob’s graphic memoir, GOOD TALK (One World, $30), helps us think through this term with grace and disarming wit.

Singer and Actress Gives Her Voice to Jewish and Black Cultures

Alan Zeitlan, Algemeiner, 08/18/2018

Tatiana Wechsler will likely go down as the only actress to belt out a showstopper in a Yiddish musical, and then — less than a month later — play a member of the Nation of Islam in a theatrical production.

Adrian Piper’s Show at MoMA is the Largest Ever for a Living Artist. Why Hasn’t She Seen It?

Thomas Chatterton Williams, The New York Times Magazine, 06/27/2018

The conceptual artist’s life and work push against the boundaries of race and identity in America.

As Jews of Color, We Need You to Read This

Alma Staff, Alma, 06/20/2018

Israel showed me I have a place in the global Jewish community

Julia Hernandez Nierenberg, J. The Jewish News of Northern California, 04/12/2018

Even though neither of my parents has been to Israel, my journey to Israel starts with them and their families. I am the result of the love shared between a Jewish man and a Catholic woman from opposite coasts of the United States.

Trip to Africa Redefines Family for African-American Rabbi

Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 01/04/2018

Lessons learned in Rwanda in 2017 are inspiring a rabbi's work in the United States.

Turning A Daughter’s Short-Term Loss into a Long-Term Win

Victoria Washington, Jewish&, 11/07/2017

How one mom turned her professional loss into a parenting win.

Finding my wild Sephardi voice

Jessica Duchen, The Jewish Chronicle Online, 06/09/2016

The Israeli singer who had to fight for the right to sing in his own distinctive style

Who are the Jews of Belgium? A primer

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 03/28/2016

Reflecting the history of their complicated binational country, the Jews of Belgium form a community that is both defined and divided by its diversity.

The reunion

Marion Fischel, The Jerusalem Post, 03/09/2016

Push launches for Mizrahi heritage in schools

Tamar Travelsky Haddad, Ynet, 02/05/2016

The Year of the Bar Mitzvahs

Debbie Derby, My Jewish Learning, 02/04/2016

The “Derby Bunch”, or “Six Pack” as my parents like to call them, are a motley crew of grandkids – three of each gender – born within a six-year span to my two siblings and myself. And though all Jewish, we are spread across the ethnic and denominational map as well.

Celebrities dissociation from racial identity

Cierra Lockett, Huffington Post, 01/26/2016

Stomping the Yard: Black Students, White Spaces

Dr. Chandra Gill, Jetmag, 12/03/2015

The struggle to survive at predominantly white institutions... “There is one sin that slavery committed against me which I will never forgive. It robbed me of my education.” – Dr. James D. Anderson