Soomekh explores Persian Jewish past, present and future

Janelle Clausen, The Island Now, 03/06/2019

When the Persian Jews fled to the United States 40 years ago amidst the Iranian Revolution, it was often with a suitcase and a question of when they would return home.

52 Iraqi Jews Were Killed By The Secret Police. 50 Years Later, Their Descendants Come Forward.

Ari Feldman, The Forward, 02/06/2019

Felix Shamash, was just a teenager when his father, Shoul, was taken from their home in October 1972.

Pursuing My Family's Ghosts in Morocco

Irin Carmon, Tablet, 01/21/2019

What I learned about memory and inheritance and fallibility, in the land of my forebears.

A Walk Through Bukharian Queens — Just Don’t Call It ‘Russian’

Simone Somekh, The Forward, 01/02/2019

Manashe Khaimov, from Samarkand, is a community organizer and the founder of Jewish Silk Road Tours. The tour includes stops at an active synagogue, a traditional bakery and more.

Hazzan Ike Azose

Karin Vandraiss, Jewish in Seattle Magazine, 08/08/2018

From Turkey through France to America

Living in many worlds Indian, Jew, Yiddish-speaker, Tamil-speaker, linguist, professor – Meylekh Viswanath of Teaneck is, does, and thinks about it all

Joanne Palmer, The Times of Israel, 09/25/2017

He’s Jewish. He’s Indian. He’s a runner. He’s a typical extremely well-educated, cosmopolitan (in the apolitical sense of that much-abused word) Orthodox Jew from Teaneck, except he’s also Indian. He’s an Indian, a professional, an academic, except he’s also Jewish.

Assessing your cultural competence: A checklist for culturally responsive teachers

Kathy Deady, Teachaway, 09/22/2017

As classrooms become increasingly diverse, cultural competency has quickly become a key concern for educators all over the world. When it comes to creating a culturally-inclusive learning environment and closing the achievement gap in our classrooms, culturally responsive teaching is, arguably, more critical than it’s ever been before.

Manhattan’s Only Vineyard Is Run By This 89-Year-Old Iraqi Jew

David I. Klein, The New York Jewish Week, 09/04/2017

If you’ve never heard of Chateau Latif, you’re not alone. In fact, your favorite sommelier probably hasn’t heard of it, either. It’s not from the south of France, nor is it from Napa Valley. Rather, it’s terroir is the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Venezuelan Jews Barred From Immigrating to Israel Because 'They Don't Belong to a Jewish Community'

Judy Maltz, Haaretz, 01/03/2017

Nine Venezuelan converts, have been told they cannot immigrate to Israel ,despite evidence provided to the contrary, they are not actively engaged in Jewish communal life.

'The Jewish Journey' Eyes 350 Years of Migrations to America

Tom Tugend, The Jewish Daily Forward, 03/01/2015

“The Jewish Journey: America,” a PBS documentary tracking the migrations over 350 years of Jews fleeing Latin America, czarist Russia, Nazi Germany and the Muslim world for these shores.

'Lost' Indian Jews Come Home

Eetta Prince-Gibson, Tablet Magazine, 01/09/2013

Israel's African Problem

Vox Tablet, Tablet Magazine, 07/02/2012

Film to document plight of Ethiopian Jews

Khalid Moss, Dayton Daily News, 12/31/2007

What could be blocking these Jews' aliyah?

Simon Rocker, The Jewish Chronicle, 11/30/2007

A Different Exodus From Egypt

Joshua Mitnick, The Jewish Week, 10/31/2007

Minister would nix automatic citizenship

Staff Writer, JTA, 10/30/2007