Living and Eating with True Indian Jewish Style

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 02/19/2019

Recipes for Indian Jewish Brunch

When Life Changes Your Plans

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish &, 12/17/2018

A memoir of an American Jewish Indian adoptee.

Shining Example of Jewish- Muslim Co-Existence At an Indian Synagogue

Ejaz Naqvi, Patheos, 09/24/2018

These Jews and Muslims are leading by example and prove that peace is not just a pipe dream by giving hope to rest of us striving for interfaith harmony.

Weaving Together An Authentic Indian Jewish Life

Rachel Beck, Jewish&, 07/19/2018

An Indian orphan finds a home in a Jewish family and community

A Special Father-Son Duo and Their Unique Indian Charoset

Ruth Abusch Magder, Jewish&, 03/20/2018

A recipe for making Indian Passover Seder treat

Living in many worlds

Joanne Palmer, New Jersey Jewish Standard, 09/25/2017

Indian, Jew, Yiddish-speaker, Tamil-speaker, linguist, professor – Meylekh Viswanath of Teaneck is, does, and thinks about it all.

Living in many worlds Indian, Jew, Yiddish-speaker, Tamil-speaker, linguist, professor – Meylekh Viswanath of Teaneck is, does, and thinks about it all

Joanne Palmer, The Times of Israel, 09/25/2017

He’s Jewish. He’s Indian. He’s a runner. He’s a typical extremely well-educated, cosmopolitan (in the apolitical sense of that much-abused word) Orthodox Jew from Teaneck, except he’s also Indian. He’s an Indian, a professional, an academic, except he’s also Jewish.

The 2,200-year history of India’s Bene Israel Jews began with seven ship-wrecked couples

Jael Silliman,, 09/22/2017

While there are now several books on the Bene Israeli and Baghdadi Jewish heritage of Mumbai that are more extensive in terms of research and even visual documentation, Robbins and Sohoni’s Jewish Heritage of the Deccan: Mumbai, The Northern Konkan and Pune combines luminous photography and brief commentary.

The Last Jews of Cochin, India

Rachel Reed, Pacific Standard, 09/21/2017

Their numbers are dwindling in a seaside town that once gave them refuge—but their culture remains.

Siona Benjamin: Beyond Borders

Opalka Gallery and Albany NY, , 09/08/2016

Opalka Gallery exhibits the work of Siona Benjamin, internationally acclaimed Jewish-Indian artist in Siona Benjamin: Beyond Borders

Minority's major contribution to Mumbai

Farhana Madar, The Free Press Journal, 07/02/2016

Mumbai is the city of dreams – this awareness makes every single civilian beam with pride. However, let’s stop and take a moment to consciously realize what it took to get to this point of development. It was with sweat and blood and communal contribution – much of which came from Mumbai’s minorities. One of which was and still is the small but eclectic Jewish Community.

Maharashtra State in India Grants Jews Minority Status

Ayesha Venkataraman, The New York Times, 06/22/2016

MUMBAI, India — Jews in the Indian state of Maharashtra were granted minority status this week, a decision that was celebrated by local Jewish leaders, though they said they were still trying to grasp the full range of benefits Jews might derive from the new status.

India's Jews renew push for official minority status

JTA and Staff, The Times of Israel, 04/13/2016

The spicing up of Jewish cuisine

Dhanya Samuel, Indian Link, 04/05/2016