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Recipes and Memories from Hanukkah in India

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An Indian Jew shares her Hanukkah traditions

Dancing with the Torah, Bhangra-style

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New video from Sarah Aroeste celebrates Sephardic & Indian Simchat Torah traditions.

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An Indian orphan finds a home in a Jewish family and community

The 2,200-year history of India’s Bene Israel Jews began with seven ship-wrecked couples

Jael Silliman,, 09/22/2017

While there are now several books on the Bene Israeli and Baghdadi Jewish heritage of Mumbai that are more extensive in terms of research and even visual documentation, Robbins and Sohoni’s Jewish Heritage of the Deccan: Mumbai, The Northern Konkan and Pune combines luminous photography and brief commentary.

The Last Jews of Cochin, India

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Their numbers are dwindling in a seaside town that once gave them refuge—but their culture remains.

From Army to Bollywood, 8 prominent Jews who shaped modern India

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India’s small but significant Jewish community stands out for its own reason. What makes them unique is their ability to mingle themselves into the local culture and still retain their own identity.

Israeli State Panel Proposes Special Status for 'Jew-ish' non-Jews - Letting Them Stay Longer in Israel

Judy Maltz, Haaretz, 08/28/2017

New move to recognize people with Jewish roots, emerging communities and groups of Crypto-Jews, is meant to allow them to explore their Jewish heritage and learn about Israel