Portuguese Town Reopens Renovated Museum about Crypto-Jews

News Brief, JTA, 08/24/2017

he Portuguese town of Belmonte has reopened its Jewish museum — the largest in the world about crypto-Jews — following a $350,000 renovation project.

Spain honours Ladino language of Jewish exiles

Sam Jones, The Guardian, 08/01/2017

Royal academy sets up Judeo-Spanish branch dedicated to preserving language spoken by people expelled 500 years ago

When Food Betrayed the Jews

Susan Barocas, Lilith, 07/01/2018

When the Jews left their Spanish homeland, they couldn’t take much with them, but they could and did take their heritage, their faith, their Ladino or Judeo-Spanish language, and their foods.

The Apprentice's Masterpiece: A Story of Medieval Spain

Melanie Little, , 09/01/2009

Fifteenth-century Spain is a richly multicultural society in which Jews, Muslims, and Christians coexist. But under the zealous Christian Queen Isabella, the country abruptly becomes one of the most murderously intolerant places on Earth.

The Secret Shofar of Barcelona

Jacqueline Dembar Greene and Doug Chayka, , 08/01/2009

When Symphony Conductor Don Fernando is asked to perform a concert, he and his son Rafael devise a clever plan to usher in the Jewish New Year in plain sight of the Spanish nobility.

The Cross by Day, the Mezuzzah by Night

Deborah Spector Siegel, , 12/05/2000

A thrilling young adult novel that captures the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and the strength and determination of one young girl to preserve her family and culture at any cost.