New Study Ponders Key Question: How to Promote Active Converts?

JTA Staff, JTA, 04/13/2018

Low conversion rates among intermarried Jewish families continue to plague those working to reverse the demographic downtrends in American Jewry. Fewer than one-fifth of gentiles who marry Jews convert to Judaism, according to a new study distributed by the American Jewish Committee.

Reflections on Loving Day

Noah Leavitt, Huffington Post, 06/12/2017

n June 1958, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter, a White man and a Black and Native American woman very much in love with each other, were married in Washington, D.C. where interracial marriage was legal.

A Jew­Asian July 4th

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, The Jewish Book Council, 07/22/2016

The pub­li­ca­tion of Jew­Asian, com­ing just pri­or to the 4th of July hol­i­day, pro­vides a unique lens through which to observe the Unit­ed States and try to learn about the state of our nation in 2016.

Intermarried Asian Americans Enthusiastic About Raising Kids Jewish, New Study Finds

Shiryn Ghermezian, The Algemeiner, 07/10/2016

A new study revealed that Asian Americans are eager to raise their kids according to the Jewish faith, Religious News Service reported on Friday.

Jewish, Asian, American: Welcoming a New Demographic

Noah Leavitt and Helen Kim, Union for Reform Judaism, 07/02/2016

I have to tell you, my daughter married a man who was Asian, and it was really hard for me. Because of the race thing.

Lessons for Father’s Day

Noah Leavitt, UNP Blog, 06/17/2016

We have recently completed a multi-year study of couples in which one partner is racially Asian of any religious background and the other partner is Jewish of any racial background, as well as on adult millennial children born to these kinds of marriages.

Finding Common Ground in Interfaith Marriage

Jennifer Miller, The New York Times, 06/09/2016

When Dan Diamond was 12, his mother gave him a book titled “It All Begins With a Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage.” At the time, it seemed a bizarre gift for someone so young, but its aim was clear.

Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish!

Helen Kim, Huffington Post, 05/31/2016

At the beginning of this month in New York, a long-awaited national gathering called “Jews of Color National Convening” focused on a complex aspect of American Judaism - the misunderstanding and marginalization of Jews from racial and ethnic backgrounds that don’t code as white.

A Study in Intermarriage

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, Tablet, 02/11/2015

We’ve found, somewhat to our surprise, that these mixed and usually religiously intermarried households are creating Jews who, in many cases, are even more Jewish than their Jewish parent or parents (some of these households have two Jewish parents, one of whom is racially Asian). Rather than moving away from Judaism, some of these young people are moving toward it and challenging the doom and gloom of some pundits.

BOOK: JewAsian - Race, Religion and Identity for America's Newest Jews

Webmast, , 11/30/-0001

Happy Asian American Heritage Month! Bechol Lashon scholars, Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, have a new book coming out. According to Kim, “When we talk about our work, the response is that the Jewish community is becoming a racially more diverse community, and very welcoming. But I think the kids that we have interviewed would really challenge that."