Soomekh explores Persian Jewish past, present and future

Janelle Clausen, The Island Now, 03/06/2019

When the Persian Jews fled to the United States 40 years ago amidst the Iranian Revolution, it was often with a suitcase and a question of when they would return home.

4 families’ Passover foods from Iran, Iraq, Latvia — and the East Bay

Alix Wall, The J., 04/12/2019

Foods celebrate the families’ unique histories and carry on traditions from their native countries, or in one case, reflect the values of the hosts.

Shabbat with the Iranian Jews of Tehran

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, Jewish News, 02/18/2016

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is moved and humbled by her visit to a synagogue in the Iranian capital Tehran, where thousands of Jews still live and pray

Persian-Jewish women keep tradition alive on canvas

Bill Boyarsky, Jewish Journal, 10/28/2015

“Painting is a way to remember, experience culture,” ...“A very common subject of the Jewish women in my classroom is the bazaar, a very nostalgic look at the old times.”

Hanging on to Heritage

Marc Shapiro, Baltimore Jewish Times, 05/07/2015

For One Outspoken Teenager in Revolution-Era Iran, Queen Esther Was a Kindred Spirit

Sima Goel, Tablet Magazine, 03/03/2015

Amid political upheaval, an embattled girl fled entirely alone—the lessons of Purim’s heroine propelling her to freedom

How Iranian-Jewish Women Started a Writers' Revolution

Benjamin Ivry, The Jewish Daily Forward, 01/22/2015

Despite the propaganda emanating from Iran, it is undeniable that at least 13 Jews have been executed there since the Islamic revolution, supposedly for being connected to Israel or for helping fellow Jews emigrate.

Prosecutor in Argentina Jewish Center Bombing Found Shot Dead

Staff, The Times of Israel, 01/19/2015

Alberto Nisman had accused government of covering up Iranian involvement in 1994 attack, was set to testify before lawmakers

How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles

Gina Nahal, The Forward, 11/04/2014

Number of Jews reaches 25,000 in Iran

Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, The News International, 02/09/2014