The Wolf of Baghdad

Mardean Issac, Tablet, 05/01/2020

A new graphic novel about the Iraqi Jewish experience.

Here’s what it’s like to grow up as a Jew in Iraq

Ben Sales, JTA, 10/03/2019

When Ceen Gabbai argued with her first-grade teacher about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, she didn’t realize how big of a risk she was taking.

Iraqi Chicken Stuffed With Spiced Rice Recipe

Leah Koenig, The Nosher, 09/20/2019

A slow-cooked comfort dish perfect for Shabbat lunch.

52 Iraqi Jews Were Killed By The Secret Police. 50 Years Later, Their Descendants Come Forward.

Ari Feldman, The Forward, 02/06/2019

Felix Shamash, was just a teenager when his father, Shoul, was taken from their home in October 1972.

Is the Lost Language of Iraqi Jews Really Lost?

Mardean Isaac, Tablet, 06/01/2018

On the anniversary of the Farhud of 1941, when Iraqi Jews’ violent dispossession began, a look at how the Baghdadi diaspora’s eventual return to Israel fostered scholarly interest in a rich Babylonian heritage.

As Iraqi Jewish voices die out, a project seeks to preserve their rich history

Cathryn J. Prince, The Times of Israel, 09/25/2017

A handful of scholars are creating a multimedia resource to give Mizrahi Jews the same platforms to tell their stories as Ashkenazim who suffered in the Holocaust

4 families’ Passover foods from Iran, Iraq, Latvia — and the East Bay

Alix Wall, The J., 04/12/2019

Foods celebrate the families’ unique histories and carry on traditions from their native countries, or in one case, reflect the values of the hosts.

Descendants of Iraqi Jews preserve memories

Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor, 10/09/2015

On May 6, 2003, US Marines found a hidden archive at the headquarters of Saddam Hussein’s General Intelligence Service. It included rare holy books, photos, documents and various Judaica (designed for the Jewish ritual) that once belonged to the ancient Jewish community of Iraq.

Witnesses to Iraq's Farhud

Jane Ulman, Jewish Journal, 05/20/2015

Welcoming the Bride Modern Style

Lior Ben-Hur, Jewish&, 02/17/2015

Since I released my latest music video, "Boee Kala", many friends, fellow musicians, and community members have asked me questions regarding to the meaning of the song, its title, the choice of location for shooting the video as well as my personal connection to the text.

Don't Return the Iraqi Jewish Archive

Yair Rosenberg, Tablet Magazine, 01/30/2014

Memories of Eden: A Journey Through Jewish Baghdad

Violette Shamash and Tony Rocca (Contributor), Forum; illustrated edition edition, 01/01/2008

Iraq's Kurdish Jews Cautiously Return to Homeland

Ivan Watson, NPR.ORG, 12/08/2007

Arkansas Menorah in the Baghdad Palace

Elizabeth Robbins,, 12/01/2007

Book Review: Baghdad, Yesterday - The Making of an Arab Jew

Beate Hinrichs,, 11/29/2007

Baghdad, Yesterday: The Making of an Arab Jew

Sasson Somekh, Ibis Editions, 10/30/2007