From Baghdad To Queens: An Iraqi Community Remembers

Jordan Salma, The Forward, 07/05/2019

A Jewish writer from Queens shares his connection to the Baghdadi Jewish community

Why does Holocaust Remembrance Day ignore Middle Eastern Jews?

Hen Mazzig, JTA, 05/01/2019

When I asked my Iraqi grandmother why the Holocaust is significant to us, she answered, “It is a horrible thing that happened to the Ashkenazim,” and that we are one family; we are all Jews.

Iraq's Unsung Jewish Airforce Hero

Point of No Return Team, Point of No Return: Jewish Refugees, 03/27/2019

A Jew appointed head of Iraq’s Air Force? Unlikely as it may sound, it almost became a reality.

Growing Up Jewish in Modern Baghdad

Lindsey Newman, Jewish&, 03/21/2019

Celebrating Nowruz as a model for hope and change.

Celebrating Passover Around the World

Maya Resnikoff, Jewish&, 03/16/2015

At Passover Elijah the Prophet visits ever Seder table around the world.

'I Left Iraq but Iraq Never Left Me': Jewish Exiles Finally Begin to Tell Their Story

Eetta Prince-Gibson, Haaretz, 06/13/2017

Sephardi Voices, an audiovisual documentary project, aims to retell the story of Jewish civilization to include 'the richness of Sephardi Jews'


On The Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music

Seventh Art Releasing, Seventh Art Releasing, 01/01/1970

The film tells the story of Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background, who discovers a hidden history - the Jewish role in Iraqi music.