Israeli of Ethiopian origin one of 2 Rhodes scholars bound for Oxford

Sue Surkes, The Times of Israel, 12/17/2020

Eden Amare Yitbarek, 23, studied at Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya as part of special program sponsoring youngsters from the community with leadership potential for BA degrees.

Hasidic rapper Nissim Black opens up about his creative process, spirituality and COVID recovery

Laura E. Adkins, JTA, 12/10/2020

Nissim Black is passionately, assuredly, confidently in love with God.

Our Lady in Tehran

Shai Secunda, Jewish Review of Books, 09/01/2020

What are these two Israeli women doing in a Tehrani airport bathroom?

Rabbi Ezekiel Nissim Musleah, 92, captivating reader of Torah

Penny Schwartz, JTA, 08/03/2020

When it came to chanting Torah, Rabbi Ezekiel Nissim Musleah was in a class by himself.

Israel's Banai dynasty - Singing a Persian Jerusalemite tune

Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post, 07/02/2020

A new exhibition at the Tower of David Museum tells the truly remarkable story of an Israeli musical and cultural dynasty from the most unlikely of beginnings.

My Grandpa Was Killed for Being a Jew in Ethiopia – Now I Fight for Black Lives in Israel

Ashager Araro, Jewish Journal, 06/25/2020

Being Black and Jewish, I was always very aware of anti-Semitism and racism.

Empathy Isn’t Enough For Black Jewish Families Like Mine. We Need Action.

Faith Gabbay-Kalson, Kveller, 06/09/2020

I couldn’t help but think that my children immediately recognized this behavior as wrong. So how did adults fail so miserably?

Meet the First Ethiopian-Born Minister in Israel

Yossi Aloni, Israel Today, 05/19/2020

That 3-year-old girl who came to Israel barefoot, without a mother, and after a very long trek, has finally made it.

Kosher Syrian meze comes to Jerusalem

Linda Gradstien, Jerusalem Post, 05/17/2020

Each of the items on the platter I received was excellent. Each can be ordered separately as well. They are finger-food appetizers and beautiful looking as well as tasting.


As an infant, she was airlifted to safety. Today she’s bringing Ethiopian culture alive in Tel Aviv.

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

This opportunity was really a turning point, providing a springboard where I could use my voice to represent my community and fill a gap in the knowledge of Jewish people globally — many of whom remain unaware of Israel’s Ethiopian Jewry,


Multi-faith Ramadan peace dinner held in Israel

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Abrahamic Reunion group promotes love, peace, communication, cooperation and dialogue among the people of the Holy Land.

Marriage Among Jewish Israelis of Mixed Ethnicity on the Rise

Jordana Skurka, The Canadian Jewish News, 07/19/2016

In the late ‘70s, mixed marriages accounted for only five per cent of all marriages between Israelis. Today, research shows that Israeli marriages of mixed ethnicity are more frequent, with one in five young Jewish Israelis born to mixed parents.

An African American Jew Journeys to Orthodoxy

Yasminah Respes, Jewish&, 07/08/2016

Both sides of my family came to Judaism from Christianity. My paternal grandfather began to learn more about Judaism after he already had children. He went to a Jewish book store and since there wasn’t a Rabbi at the time who was willing to teach him, he taught himself through books.

The Ridiculous Would-be Dismissal of the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli-Ethiopian Community

Manishtana, Tablet Magazine, 06/23/2016

Rabbi Yosef Hadane was controversially denied an extension of his tenure by Israel’s Religious Services Ministry. Now, facing pressure, the organization is seeking to extend his contract.

Race: Pushing Myself & the Jewish Community

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 06/22/2016

The need for Be’chol Lashon’s work to create a racially and ethnically inclusive Jewish community is greater than it has ever been.

Finding my wild Sephardi voice

Jessica Duchen, The Jewish Chronicle Online, 06/09/2016

The Israeli singer who had to fight for the right to sing in his own distinctive style

Then and now: Tracking down the Ethiopian Jews who moved to Israel

Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 05/14/2016

A new exhibition at The Museum of the Jewish People, in Tel Aviv, provides a fascinating insight into how members of the Ethiopian-Jewish community acclimatized to Israel – some more successfully than others – following Operation Moses in the mid-1980s.