From the Marines to Montana, Rabbi-To-Be Embraces Challenges

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 07/30/2020

“Being a Jew of color in a rural environment in an incredibly white state is really difficult at times, and yet it’s exactly where I want to be.”

From Spain To Latin America, How A Mass Migration Created A Thriving Latino/Jewish Community

Danielli, MItu, 12/26/2019

In a world without anti-Semitism, would Latinos be more widely known as Jewish because their ancestors weren’t forcibly converted?

Latinx Jews Rejoice Over News of Latina Disney Princess

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Be'chol Lashon, 09/19/2019

It is not even Rosh Hashanah and people are already excited about Hanukkah.

“Can you Dig it?” Nuyorican History in Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker

Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado, The MNT, 08/28/2019

In this third installment of “Latinx Comic Biographies and Graphic Memoirs” series, I dive into how Voloj and Ahlering illustrate the 1970s South Bronx, which chronicles the life of Nuyorican Benjamin “Bengy” Melendez, former gang leader and community activist.

New books: Arab Jews, Latino Jews and other complicated identities

Howard Freedman, The Jewish News of Northern California, 06/25/2019

A collection of new books that center around the complexities of Jewish identities

A Venezuelan-American chef wants to show the rich culinary tradition of Latino Jews

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 10/15/2018

A Venezuelan-American chef wants to educate others about the history of Latin American Jews

Bias Case Roiling Yonkers Shul Pulling In Latinos

Doug Chandler, The New York Jewish Week, 01/17/2018

Rabbi Manny Vinas claims discrimination; is recent larceny connected?

Netanyahu’s historic Latin America visit is part of global pivot

Adam Abrams, Jewish News Syndicate, 08/28/2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic visit to Mexico and Argentina in mid-September is expected to improve trade ties for Israel and open the dialogue with Latin America’s Jewish community.

Growing Up Latina and Jewish, I Was A Contradiction

Laura Limonic, Forward, 07/31/2017

For the record, my brother is not adopted. He was born, and named in Argentina, where Jewish boys have names like Pablo, Jose, Federico, Mateo and Fernando.