Diverse Jews Gave Us Joy, Pride During Difficult Year

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 12/29/2020

Looking back on some of the feel-good stories from 2020.

Navigating Life as a Transgender, Latinx Jew

Luce Rochwerger, Jewish&, 11/16/2020

My journey to self-acceptance, illustrated in the form of comics.

Colombian-German Jew Wrestles with 'Hispanic' Heritage Month

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 10/12/2020

Be'chol Lashon's Julian Voloj on why he prefers the term "Latinx."

From Cuba to Chile, a Journey through Jewish Latin America

Alan Grabinsky, Americas Quarterly, 10/31/2019

A review of Ilan Stavans' new book exploring Latin America's diverse Jewish community.

In this Latino LA neighborhood, Jews commemorate an ancient biblical holiday

Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service, 10/18/2019

Corinne Mosh celebrated the first night of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot like never before.

Argentine Jewish chef named top in Latin America by his peers

JTA Staff, JTA, 10/15/2019

Israeli-trained owner of 'Mishiguene' restaurant wins 'Chefs Choice Award' for menu with various Jewish foods.

Spain gets 127,000 citizenship applications from Sephardi Jews

BBC News, BBC, 10/01/2019

A deadline for Jews living outside Spain to request Spanish nationality has expired with 127,000 applications, most of them from Latin America.

New Group J-Lats Celebrates Students With Both Jewish, Latinx Heritage

Naomi Heiss, The New York Jewish Week, 01/08/2019

The club’s inaugural event was a Shabbat dinner to remember.

¿Cómo te llamas?…How Do Latino Jews Identify?

Garciela Berger Wegsman, Jewish&, 07/01/2014

The fact that I identify myself as Latina and Jewish, creates a bit of wonder among some Jews and Latinos.


Shoshana and the Native Rose

Robin K. Levinson, , 01/01/1970

Part of the Gali Girls series, join Shoshana, a Brazilian Jew, as her budding friendship with an Indian girl reveals hidden biases, plunges her into danger, and spreads the light of Judaism where cultures collide.


¡Actívate! Activism + Representation in Latinx Comics

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Comics artists Sandy Jimenez (World War 3 Illustrated) and Nicole Virella (Marvel Comics) join comics writers Edgardo Mirando-Rodriguez (La Borinqueña) and Julian Voloj (Ghetto Brother) for a lively discussion of the role Latinx creators have had in comics. In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, the panelists will examine the history of Latinx-American comics, and the roles that activism and representation have taken in them. A reception and signing will follow. Speakers include Edgardo Mirando-Rodriguez, Julian Voloj, Sandy Jimenez, Nicole Virella.