Surviving the Holocaust in Libya, Starting Over in Israel

Shay Lavi, Jewish&, 04/21/2020

Whenever we talk about my grandmother in my family, someone always says, “A stranger will not understand this.”

For Libyan Jews, This Spicy Fish Stew Is the Taste of Rosh Hashana

Joan Nathan, New York Times, 09/17/2019

Most of the Jewish families with roots in Libya now live in Italy and Israel. Bright red aharaimi reminds them of home.

Shabbat Dinner, Libyan Style

Joan Nathan, Tablet, 01/24/2018

Tired of the same old roast chicken? Try chraime, a spicy fish dish that’s a Friday night staple for Jews from North Africa.

Bsisa: A Tasty Women's Tradition To Begin The Passover Season

Adam Eilath and Tamar Zaken, Jewish&, 04/06/2016

What is the best way to usher in the Passover season? Not with handwringing and housecleaning, but with celebration, blessing and sweet joy!

Film Review: The Last Jews of Libya

Phil Hall, Film Threat, 01/15/2008

Family's Tale Recounts Libyan Jewish Dispersion

Danielle Berrin,, 11/29/2007

Libya's Khadafy opens up to Jewish refugees; what's his motive?

Rachel Pomerance, j. the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, 10/14/2004