The Last Black Unicorn

Tiffany Haddish, Simon & Schuster, 12/05/2017

From stand-up comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish comes The Last Black Unicorn, a hilarious, edgy, and heart-wrenching collection of autobiographical essays that will leave you laughing through tears.

Peacesong DC: A Jewish Africana Academia Epic Tale of Washington City

Carolivia Herron, Street to Street Epic Publications, 07/22/2016

Although all of the stories told in Peacesong DC are based on actual events in the author’s life, the book is classified as fiction rather than non-fiction because the stories bend toward the arc of storytelling rather than that of rigid facts. If something in the story appears particularly improbable, it is likely to be the truth.

The Color of Water

James McBride, Pengin, 09/25/2014

First published in 1995, James McBride’s memoir tells the story of his mother, Ruchel Dwajra Zylaska.

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me

Rain Pryor, Harper Entertainment, 10/31/2006

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me answers that poignant question and many more. It is an unprecedented look at the life of a legend of comedy, told by a daughter who both understood the genius and knew the tortured man within.

Soul To Soul: A Black Russian Jewish Woman's Search For Her Roots

Khanga Yelena, W. W. Norton and Company, Inc, 06/17/1994

Yelena Khanga tells the compelling story of growing up black in Russia and journeying through cultures to learn about her forebears and meet relatives she had never known. From the days of slavery in the cotton fields of Mississippi to the Moscow of Stalin and Brezhnev, from Jewish New York and Harlem in the twenties to modern-day Los Angeles, Long Island, and Zanzibar, Soul to Soul is a four-generation family memoir.

Lovesong: Becoming a Jew

Julius Lester, Arcade Publishing, 01/01/1988

"Lovesong" is the moving account of a life and a spiritual odyssey, of a major writer's path from his boyhood as the son of a black Methodist minister in the South to his conversion to Judaism.