Mexican-Jewish artist Aliza Nisenbaum on her colorful portraits of ‘the other’ in society

Alan Grabinsky, JTA, 11/04/2019

Mexican-Jewish artist Aliza Nisenbaum sees a failure to communicate in the modern world — and her work as a way to counteract the dilemma.

Armenian, Russian, Mexican and…Jewish

Lila Sanchez, Jewish&, 10/24/2019

Growing into my Jewish Multicultural heritage and futur.

A new book takes readers on a journey through Jewish Latin America

Alan Grabinsky, JTA, 10/24/2019

In his latest book, “The Seventh Heaven,” published earlier this month, the Mexico-born Stavans shares a travelogue of a trip through Jewish Latin America, a topic on which he has emerged as a leading expert in recent decades.

Mexican Director's Jewish Theme

George Medovoy, The Jerusalem Post, 03/27/2019

Isaac Cherem, the young Mexican film director, believes that his coming-of-age film Leona might cause a “tsunami” in Mexico’s Syrian-Jewish community.

New Jewish Documentation Center, Containing 100 Years of Jewish Life in Mexico City, Opens This Week

Alan Grabinsky, Tablet, 01/07/2019

The paper legacies of separate immigrant communities return under one roof after earthquake-induced exile

Mexico City’s Jewish mayor wants to be identified by her policies, not her ethnicity

Alan Grabinsky, JTA, 12/06/2018

Mexico City Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, breaks silence on religion claims.

Matzo Balls and Chiles? It’s Rosh Hashana With the Flavors of Mexico

Priya Krishna, The New York Times, 09/04/2018

The chef Fany Gerson’s holiday feast is born of her Jewish heritage and Mexico City upbringing.

Could Alma Hernandez Become The First Mexican-American Jewish Lawmaker?

Ben Sales, Forward, 06/22/2018

A young Mexican-Amerian Jew with hopes to help immigrants find their home in America.

A Latin Twist on Hanukkah Latkes

Julia Hernandez Nierenberg, Jewish&, 12/06/2017

A Hanukkah latke recipe inspired by Mexican and Jewish family traditions.