Michael Twitty on the Connection Between Jewish Food and Soul Food

Jessica Leigh Lebos, The Nosher, 11/12/2019

The writer, scholar, and chef talks kasha varnishkes, tikkun olam, and the Afro-Jewish culinary connection.

9 writers who perfectly capture what it’s like for Jews of color

Nylah Burton, JTA, 03/27/2019

As a black Jewish writer, I obviously want to read books written by and highlighting the stories of Jews of color. That’s easier said than done, though. It’s not that these stories don’t exist — Jewish literature is an amazing, rich genre of diasporic Jewish stories.

Black historian of southern cooking brings side of Jewish identity to S.F.

Liz Harris, The Jewish News of Northern California, 08/21/2017

One might not expect to find a chapter titled “Mishpocheh” in Michael Twitty’s memoir chronicling his “journey through African-American culinary history in the Old South.”

An Afro-Ashkefardi Recipe For Rosh Hashanah

Michael Twitty, Jewish&, 09/09/2014

From black-eyed pea hummus spiked with homemade horseradish harissa to matzoh-meal fried chicken cooked in shmaltz, to peach noodle kugels touched with garam masala, Afro-Ashkefardi is my way of cooking Jewish.

His Paula Deen takedown went viral. But this food scholar isn't done yet.

Michaele Weissman, Washington Post, 02/16/2016

Twitty’s embrace of all the various parts of himself — African, African American, European, black, white, gay, Jewish — sometimes raises hackles, as does his habit of speaking his mind.

Bitter Herbs and Collard Greens: An African-American Seder Plate For Passover

Michael Twitty, NPR, 04/03/2015

I've always mixed my African-Americanness and Jewishness on the Seder plate, a ritual dish with six foods that symbolize the story of Passover.

Mouth Full of South

Helen Hollyman, Munchies, 03/04/2015

Twitty is Orthodox-Jewish, African-American, and gay, in no particular order. He is a man of many dimensions: a culinary historian, food writer, historical interpreter, and teacher who employs all parts of himself into every thing that he does.

Kreplach with Collard Greens

Laura Kumin, Jewish Food Experience, 02/08/2015

Black, Jewish and gay, Twitty is devoted to exploring the culinary history of his African and Afro-American roots, but equally interested in Jewish cooking.

Kosher Soul Food Brings Together African-American and Jewish Cuisine

Tal Kra-Oz, Tablet, 01/15/2015

When Michael Twitty was growing up outside Washington, D.C., the treat in his house every weekend was challah—a taste his Lutheran mother developed during her childhood in Cincinnati, where the only baker open on Sundays was Jewish.

ADL-inspired course fosters black-Jewish understanding

Samuel M. Edelman, JTA, 06/05/1997