Learning to See My Jewish and Korean Identities as Complementary

Sophie Kim, Jewish&, 05/21/2020

I am constantly making mistakes, questioning my identity, and second-guessing myself, but I know that this work is a process.

Finding Encouragement in MLK’s Words—And America’s Changing Demographics

Tiferet Berenbaum, Jewish&, 01/17/2020

My mixed-race daughter will be part of the nonwhite majority of American youth, which is cause for both celebration and fear.

Armenian, Russian, Mexican and…Jewish

Lila Sanchez, Jewish&, 10/24/2019

Growing into my Jewish Multicultural heritage and futur.

Wandering in translation, learning to speak the language of my people

Tova Ricardo, J. The Jewish News of Northern California, 08/12/2019

Due to diasporic persecution and the pressures of cultural conformity, I cannot speak a language murdered out of my bloodline.

Are Jews White? American History Says It’s Complicated

Tema Smith, The Forward, 01/09/2019

I appreciate the discomfort that many Jews feel being categorized as white. And yet, this use of the term “passing” is wrong.

Three Things the Jewish Community Can Do Better, According to a Mixed-Race Jewish Professional

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 05/23/2018

Tema Smith’s own experiences as a mixed race person shape her vision as a Jewish professional.

A Special Father-Son Duo and Their Unique Indian Charoset

Ruth Abusch Magder, Jewish&, 03/20/2018

A recipe for making Indian Passover Seder treat

Loving Day is Every Day for Our Family

Marcella White Campbell, Jewish&, 06/12/2017

What 50 years of Loving Day means to our Black, white and Jewish family.

For Many Multicultural Jewish Families Passover is About Tradition

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 03/31/2017

For multiracial and multicultural Jewish families, the Passover seder is an opportunity to share elements of their racial and cultural backgrounds.

'Little White Lie' playing in Summit Feb. 19

Peter Fiorilla, Union News Daily, 02/18/2016

Choose Your Own Identity

Bonnie Tsui, New York Times, 12/14/2015

I never realized how little I understood about race until I tried to explain it to my 5-year-old son. I’m Chinese-American and my husband is white, an American of English-Dutch-Irish descent; when I asked him the other day if he was Chinese, he said no.

Owning My Identities

Evan Traylor, Jewish&, 10/27/2015

I’ve always known that I was somehow different in the Jewish community. I didn’t look like the other kids in Hebrew school. And I eventually took on the expectation of providing the perspective and feelings of Black people to my Jewish friends in youth group and at camp.

Not the Jewish James Bond: Parenting in Unchartered Waters

Alex Barnett, Jewish&, 10/12/2015

Without exception, every multiracial person I’ve interviewed has responded that one of the things they’ve encountered most and like the least is the question: “What are you?”

Passing for Black?: Another Perspective

Julius Lester, Jewish&, 07/07/2015

My maternal great-grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant named Adolph Altschul. His wife was a freed slave woman, Maggie Carson. She was so light-skinned she could have passed for white, and one of Adolph's and Maggie's daughters did when she grew up.

Just Because I'm Jewish Doesn't Mean I'm Not Black

Evan Traylor, Reform Judaism, 06/22/2015

Growing up as a half-Black and half-White person who is also Jewish definitely raised some interesting questions and responses upon “revealing” my identity to my friends.