37 Difficult Questions From My Mixed-Race Son

Mira Jacob, BuzzFeed, 06/08/2015

"Are white people afraid of brown people?"

Created In G-d’s Image

Paige Jones Deyoung, Jewish&, 02/03/2015

My entire life has been surrounded by the question, what are you? Rather than who are you? And though they say your past makes your present it was never a present hearing that question.

My Magen David, My Identity

Beth Leibson, Jewish&, 12/30/2014

Somewhere along the way, we saw an enormous American flag, all in red, green, and black, the African American colors. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if the stars were six-point stars?” my biracial daughter said as she fingered the silver Jewish Star pendant she always wore.”That would be me.”

My Christian Great-Grandmother, My Jewish Inspiration

Michael J. DeYoung, Jewish&, 11/18/2014

Knowing that my great-grandmother was able to live through times where being Black resulted in beatings and deaths, yet still maintain such strong religious beliefs inspired me to be proud of my Jewish heritage.

Lot, the Subjective Stranger: A Call for Diversity

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 10/30/2014

But when? and how?! How do I harmoniously keep inclusion as a central value in my life, while also recognizing the need for boundaries?

Our Jewish African Roots

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 04/24/2014

My Interracial Marriage Isn’t That Exotic

Alex Barnett, Jewish&, 03/18/2014

The Poetry of Jewish Black Identity

Aaron Samuels, Jewish&, 12/17/2013

Not the Jewish James Bond: Parenting in Unchartered Waters

Alex Barnett, My Jewish Learning, 10/12/2015

Without exception, every multiracial person I’ve interviewed has responded that one of the things they’ve encountered most and like the least is the question: “What are you?”

Passing for Black?: Another Perspective

Julius Lester, My Jewish Learning, 07/07/2015

My maternal great-grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant named Adolph Altschul. His wife was a freed slave woman, Maggie Carson. She was so light-skinned she could have passed for white, and one of Adolph's and Maggie's daughters did when she grew up.

Just Because I'm Jewish Doesn't Mean I'm Not Black

Evan Traylor, Reform Judaism, 06/22/2015

Growing up as a half-Black and half-White person who is also Jewish definitely raised some interesting questions and responses upon “revealing” my identity to my friends.

Father - Look for those (Jewish) teaching moments

Noah Leavitt, My Jewish Learning, 06/15/2015

“Hey Buddy!” Whenever I hear that term, so common coming from the lips of dads in my generation, I invariably pause to reflect on the Fifth Commandment which instructs children to honor their parents (“kibbud av va-em”).

Multiracial in America

Staff, Pew Research Center, 06/11/2015

Multiracial Americans are at the cutting edge of social and demographic change in the U.S.—young, proud, tolerant and growing at a rate three times as fast as the population as a whole.

The Psychological Advantages of Strongly Identifying As Biracial

Lisa Miller, NYMag, 05/22/2015

If they are raised to identify with both parents and to understand their complex racial heritage, multi-racial people can have higher self-esteem than mono-racial people.

Funny - You Don't Look Jewish

Helen Kim, Whitman College, 05/11/2015

Contrary to previous studies on intermarriage that argue for the erosion of Judaism and Jewish identity, our work has demonstrated the opposite.

How My Family Navigates Being Equally Black & Jewish

Alina Adams, Kveller, 04/28/2015

Here's the deal: I'm Jewish. My husband is African-American. Our kids identify as both. Except, when it comes to community events, the scale tips much further into the Jewish column.