We Mizrahi Jews Shouldn’t Need to Fit In

Manashe Khaimov, Jewish&, 11/30/2020

For too long I felt like I had to check core parts of my identity at the door of mainstream Jewish institutions.

I’m a lesbian Bukharian Jew. Can I exist?

Alice Aronov, JTA, 07/10/2019

"It was an incredible discovery — exactly what I needed! A place to be Bukharian, to be Mizrahi, and to be queer."

New books: Arab Jews, Latino Jews and other complicated identities

Howard Freedman, The Jewish News of Northern California, 06/25/2019

A collection of new books that center around the complexities of Jewish identities

Being a Mizrahi Woman in Israel: This Yemeni Author Explains Identity Politics to English Readers

Joy Bernard, Haaretz, 06/18/2019

Ayelet Tsabari’s memoir, ‘The Art of Leaving,’ offers a rare narrative about a globe-trotting woman who flees home. Now that she has reconciled with her Yemenite roots and (partially) with Israel, she explains what drove her away

As Iraqi Jewish voices die out, a project seeks to preserve their rich history

Cathryn J. Prince, The Times of Israel, 09/25/2017

A handful of scholars are creating a multimedia resource to give Mizrahi Jews the same platforms to tell their stories as Ashkenazim who suffered in the Holocaust

Associate professor explores history, reality of Moroccan Jewish community

Pablo Mungz, Daily Bruin, 09/22/2017

Aomar Boum's research on Jewish history in his home country of Morocco brings local attention to that history and helps people reconnect with their historic roots.However, Boum's Muslim identity affects how people perceive his research.

Manhattan’s Only Vineyard Is Run By This 89-Year-Old Iraqi Jew

David I. Klien, The Jewish Week Media Group, 09/04/2017

Latif Jiji looks over this year’s crop at Chateau Latif with an expression of satisfaction.

The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer

Jewish LearningWorks, The Jewish Community Library, 03/18/2017

The Mizrahi Thorn in the Side of Israeli Left

Madison Margolin, The Forward, 09/03/2015

Mizrahi poet, Roy Hasan, shares the inspiration for his controversial poem called, “If There’ll Be Peace, All the Arsim Will Come”