From the Ghetto to the Mainstream

Linda Abdul Aziz Menuhin, The Tel Aviv Review of Books, 11/01/2020

Arabic music in Israel has achieved great success over the last two decades.

Senior Sephardi rabbi rethinks criticism of racial inclusivity commission

Adam Decker, Jewish News, 09/12/2020

Rabbi Joseph Dweck backs the Board of Deputies’ Commission on Racial Inclusivity after initially criticising its terms of reference.

L.A. Jewish Iranian Women Speak Out About Divisions and Unity

Michelle Naim, Jewish Journal, 08/11/2020

Persia doesn’t exist anymore … but Persian Jews use that term because I think it invokes a time when they felt they lived in a country where there was religious pluralism and where the Jewish community was being respected.

American Jewry Has a Blind Spot Regarding Mizrahi Jews

Nave Dromi, Jewish Journal, 07/11/2020

The recent discussion about “Jews of Color,” who fit this identity and whose numbers relative to the total Jewish population are significant, has once again exposed a blind spot in American Jewry.

Israel's Banai dynasty - Singing a Persian Jerusalemite tune

Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post, 07/02/2020

A new exhibition at the Tower of David Museum tells the truly remarkable story of an Israeli musical and cultural dynasty from the most unlikely of beginnings.

Inside Elat Market: The grocery store at the nexus of Los Angeles’ Persian Jewish community

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 06/15/2020

Elat Market has everything needed for a Shabbat meal to make any Persian Jewish grandma proud — from Persian classics like seeded flatbreads, smoked fish and pickled vegetables to Israeli-style hummus and tahini.

Persian Singer Embraces Multiple Roles: Band Leader, Scholar, and Teacher

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 05/12/2020

Mizrachi music is the soundtrack we need for this moment.

How Shakshuka and Other Middle Eastern Dishes Turned Into Iconic 'Jewish Food'

Rafram Chaddad and Yigal Nizri, Haaretz, 11/21/2019

Taking what Jews and Arabs have cooked for generations and attaching the label 'Israeli' to it is culinary injustice.

Paradise Lost - An Iraqi Jewish Story

Aron Hirt-Manheimer and Tamar Ruben,, 10/15/2019

interview with Tamara Ruben

If A-Wa Wants Real Mizrahi Revival, It'sTime To Get Political

Leeron Hoory, Forward Magazine, 06/27/2016

A-Wa, the groundbreaking band made up of three Israeli Yemenite sisters who famously sing in Arabic, has just released its first album “Habib Galbi” in the U.S. The band was listed by Rolling Stone last week as one of the 10 New Artists You Need To Know. The group’s first music video, “Habib Galbi,” has attracted 3.5 million views, and they’ve been covered by NPR, VICE, The Washington Post and other international publications.

Push launched for Mizrahi heritage in schools

Tamar Travelsky Haddad, Ynet News, 02/05/2016

Following years of criticism for neglecting non-European Jewish history and culture, the Education Ministry has formed a committee to recommend necessary action.

Push launches for Mizrahi heritage in schools

Tamar Travelsky Haddad, Ynet, 02/05/2016

Israel marks exodus of Jews from Arab countries

Staff, Times of Israel, 11/30/2015

850,000 Jews fled from Mideast countries and Iran in 1930s-50s; Shas’s Deri says next banknotes should feature eastern writers.

I'm a Mizrahi Jew. Do I Count as a Person of Color?

Sigal Samuel, Forward, 08/10/2015

Am I a person of color? You’d think there would be a straightforward answer to a question like that. And for a while, I thought there was. I thought the answer was yes.

The Last of the Arab Jews

Lucette Lagnado, The Wall Street Journal, 02/13/2015

Here, in the heart of the Muslim world, the crowds were speaking Arabic. The band was Arab too, playing boisterous Arabic melodies. But the revelers were Orthodox Jews—as devout as they come.

Learning to Undo 'Ashkenormativity'

Jonathan Katz, The Forward, 11/05/2014

How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles

Gina Nahal, The Forward, 11/04/2014