Born and Raised in Israel, Moroccan Jew Sets Out to Find Erased Identity in Her Parents' Homeland

Khen Elmaleh, Haaretz, 08/09/2019

On a first visit to Africa's northwestern corner, Khen Elmaleh tackles cultural erasure and fulfills her grandfather's dream.

Pursuing My Family's Ghosts in Morocco

Irin Carmon, Tablet, 01/21/2019

What I learned about memory and inheritance and fallibility, in the land of my forebears.

Imams in Morocco Learn Jewish Culture as Part of Training — and Bring Tolerance to France

Irina Tsukerman, The Algemeiner, 05/04/2018

The 30 imams who have signed a letter against antisemitism and extremism in France are graduates of a special training program for imams in Morocco.

What's Going to Happen to Jewish Morocco?

Naomi Matlow, The Canadian Jewish News, 08/10/2017

Morocco has had a Jewish community since the fall of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

Mimouna: Taking the End of Passover to Whole New Level

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 04/25/2016

After the internal focus on the Jewish experience of the Exodus, Mimouna celebrations were community affairs with families opening the doors to friends and neighbors.

Tangier’s Jazzmen — and thier Afro Spanish Jewish Moroccan Producer

Hisham Aidi, Africa is a Country, 01/01/1970

He is Jacques Muyal – the Moroccan-born producer and aficionado who is one of the most enigmatic and influential figures in the world of jazz.

Multiracial Family Man

Alex Barnett, Gotham Comedy Club and NY, , 05/28/2016

Be'chol Lashon speaker, Alex Barnett, has a FREE new podcast, Multiracial Family Man, which is available on his website. Click HERE for the schedule of upcoming comedy shows.

Not My Mother's Matzah Balls: My Moroccan Kitchen

Natasha Cooper-Benisty, Jewish&, 07/17/2014

For These Moroccan Muslims, Mimouna Isn't Just a Jewish Thing-It's Their Heritage Too

Aomar Boum, Tablet, 04/18/2014

For Moroccan Jews, Mimouna signifies the promise of redemption and the hopeful return of the messiah. Israel recognized it as a national holiday in 1966; the Mimouna Club contends that the observance deserves a place in Moroccan culture and society, as a celebration of ethnic diversity.

The Tantalizing Taste of Morocco

Michele Anna Jordan, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 12/15/2011


Lara Rabinovitch, Tablet Magazine, 04/02/2010

At the end of Passover festival known as Mimouna, Moroccan Jews return to yeasty treats in grand style

Kosher Hotel Takes Root in Marrakech

Romina Ruiz-Goiriena,, 12/02/2007

Jewish Woman in Morocco Poll Fray

Ahmed El Amraoui,, 09/04/2007