Rosh Hashanah Recipes: Moroccan Fish, Apple Cake

Daniella Bensimon, Jewish&, 08/27/2020

Bay Area chef shares favorite Israeli-Moroccan dishes.

Moroccan Chicken With Lemon and Olives

Marcella White Campbell, Be'chol Lashon, 04/01/2020

This dish is inspired by a recipe from the legendary Claudia Roden, from her cookbook Arabesque. The deep flavors make it a perfect choice for Passover or enjoy year-round.

Meet the Hardest Working Sephardic Man in Show Business

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 11/15/2019

David Serero draws on his Moroccan Jewish heritage in his adaptations of classic plays.

Born and Raised in Israel, Moroccan Jew Sets Out to Find Erased Identity in Her Parents' Homeland

Khen Elmaleh, Haaretz, 08/09/2019

On a first visit to Africa's northwestern corner, Khen Elmaleh tackles cultural erasure and fulfills her grandfather's dream.

Pursuing My Family's Ghosts in Morocco

Irin Carmon, Tablet, 01/21/2019

What I learned about memory and inheritance and fallibility, in the land of my forebears.

Imams in Morocco Learn Jewish Culture as Part of Training — and Bring Tolerance to France

Irina Tsukerman, The Algemeiner, 05/04/2018

The 30 imams who have signed a letter against antisemitism and extremism in France are graduates of a special training program for imams in Morocco.

What's Going to Happen to Jewish Morocco?

Naomi Matlow, The Canadian Jewish News, 08/10/2017

Morocco has had a Jewish community since the fall of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

Mimouna: Taking the End of Passover to Whole New Level

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 04/25/2016

After the internal focus on the Jewish experience of the Exodus, Mimouna celebrations were community affairs with families opening the doors to friends and neighbors.

Jewish Community Shrinks in Morocco

Madeline Gressel, PBSNewsHour, 07/27/2015

Watch a report about the Jewish community in Morocco, not as vibrant as it once was.

Not My Mother's Matzah Balls: My Moroccan Kitchen

Natasha Cooper-Benisty, Jewish&, 07/17/2014

For These Moroccan Muslims, Mimouna Isn't Just a Jewish Thing-It's Their Heritage Too

Aomar Boum, Tablet, 04/18/2014

For Moroccan Jews, Mimouna signifies the promise of redemption and the hopeful return of the messiah. Israel recognized it as a national holiday in 1966; the Mimouna Club contends that the observance deserves a place in Moroccan culture and society, as a celebration of ethnic diversity.

The Tantalizing Taste of Morocco

Michele Anna Jordan, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 12/15/2011

Kosher Hotel Takes Root in Marrakech

Romina Ruiz-Goiriena,, 12/02/2007

Jewish Woman in Morocco Poll Fray

Ahmed El Amraoui,, 09/04/2007

Jewish Woman To Stand For Parliament In Morocco

Staff Writer, Al-Masaa, Morocco, 08/26/2007

A Moroccan Oven That's Open to All

Joan Nathan, New York Times, 06/13/2007