A-WA: Tiny Desk Concert

Bob Boilen, NPR, 09/03/2019

Their songs mix Yemenite and Arabic traditions with splashes of reggae and hip-hop.

A-Wa, a Band of Yemenite Jewish Sisters, Wants You to Feel at Home

Emily Burack, Alma, 05/29/2019

Let us introduce you to a band of sisters with the last name Haim. No, not the ones you’re thinking of. Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim are sisters from southern Israel, and together they form a band called A-WA (Arabic for “Yes,” pronounced AY-wah).

Yes, You Can And Should Bring Beyonce Into Your Seder

Jenny Singer, The Forward, 04/17/2019

The 37-year-old icon’s voice whisks over the melody of “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the African American national anthem, like a flag planted triumphantly on a battlefield.

Eden Dersso Is the Changing Face of Tel Aviv’s Hip-Hop Scene

Liana Satenstein, Vogue, 04/02/2019

Over the past year, Dersso has become a sensation in the city’s small but growing rap scene, yet she has spent her whole life preparing for this meteoric rise.

‘Don’t ‘All Lives Matter’ My Zionism’: Meet Young Gravy, The Next Great Jewish Rapper

Jenny Singer, Forward, 02/04/2019

A Jewish student artist shares his perspective of being pro-Israel on a college campus and the Zionism movement

What Would Historical African American-Jewish Music Sound Like?

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 10/16/2018

Anthony Russell’s brilliant new album attempts to answer that question.

An Israeli singer in Amsterdam Creates the World’s First Ladino Pop Album

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 09/18/2018

Noam Vazana wrote her upcoming album “Andalusian Brew” in Ladino.

A former opera singer fuses African-American and Yiddish music

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 08/15/2018

“When I made a decision to become a Jew, it wasn’t a decision to completely leave entire parts of myself behind."

From Army to Bollywood, 8 prominent Jews who shaped modern India

Rakesh Jha, inuth, 09/20/2017

India’s small but significant Jewish community stands out for its own reason. What makes them unique is their ability to mingle themselves into the local culture and still retain their own identity.


On The Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music

Seventh Art Releasing, Seventh Art Releasing, 01/01/1970

The film tells the story of Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background, who discovers a hidden history - the Jewish role in Iraqi music.

Jewish Music with A Caribbean Flair

Rabbi Juan Mejia, Jewish&, 07/18/2016

Chavurat Nahariyah is an exciting group of young families in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla in my native Colombia.

If A-Wa Wants Real Mizrahi Revival, It'sTime To Get Political

Leeron Hoory, Forward Magazine, 06/27/2016

A-Wa, the groundbreaking band made up of three Israeli Yemenite sisters who famously sing in Arabic, has just released its first album “Habib Galbi” in the U.S. The band was listed by Rolling Stone last week as one of the 10 New Artists You Need To Know. The group’s first music video, “Habib Galbi,” has attracted 3.5 million views, and they’ve been covered by NPR, VICE, The Washington Post and other international publications.

Museum Aims to Digitize Jewish Music Archive

Rose Kaplan, Tablet, 04/25/2016

Sephardic Songs Add Merriment to Purim

Ty Alhadeff, Jewish&, 03/21/2016

And what is a drinking party without drinking songs? As in other Jewish communities, drinking alcohol was part of the celebration of Purim, and an extensive corpus of rhymed, Ladino poems known as koplas (or komplas) developed by Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire

Children's Album Renews Jewish Ladino Tradition

Team Be'chol Lashon, My Jewish Learning, 03/01/2016

It was not until she was already on her way to adulthood, that singer Sarah Aroeste discovered the connection between her Sephardic roots in Greece and her love of music with the Sephardic musical traditions in Ladino.

How modern Jewish singers are keeping an ancient Yemeni tradition alive

Ruth Eglash, The Washington Post, 01/08/2016

n some communities in the Middle East, women are often bound by a conservative, patriarchal culture that prevents them from working outside the home and dictates that they take up more traditional roles within the family.


Curt Schleier, Canadian Jewish News, 09/16/2015

Danny Strong is probably most recognizable as being “that Jewish guy” on TV — he played eager adman wannabe Danny Siegel on Mad Men and the nerdy, perennial victim Jonathan Levinson on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.