Israel's Banai dynasty - Singing a Persian Jerusalemite tune

Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post, 07/02/2020

A new exhibition at the Tower of David Museum tells the truly remarkable story of an Israeli musical and cultural dynasty from the most unlikely of beginnings.

Breathing new life into ancient Sephardi songs

Jacob Judah, The JC, 06/25/2020

Music written in the ancient language of Spanish Jews is getting a very contemporary revamp.

Black Jewish Rapper Westside Gravy Is Calling Out Racism and Anti-Semitism

Chloe Laverson, Heyalma, 06/05/2020

Noah Shufuntinsky writes and produces powerful music that celebrates the intersection of his Jewish and Black identities.

Orthodox rapper Nissim Black reintroduces himself to the world

Emily Burack, The Jewish News of Northern California, 02/19/2020

Nissim Black knows that wherever he goes, he’s going to turn heads; his new single, “Mothaland Bounce,” sets the record straight.

Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd Holiday

Eric Tenorio, Jewish Boston, 11/26/2019

In Israel, the holiday officially began on Nov. 26 and continues through Nov. 27.

How Shakshuka and Other Middle Eastern Dishes Turned Into Iconic 'Jewish Food'

Rafram Chaddad and Yigal Nizri, Haaretz, 11/21/2019

Taking what Jews and Arabs have cooked for generations and attaching the label 'Israeli' to it is culinary injustice.

Meet the Hardest Working Sephardic Man in Show Business

Andrew Esensten, Jewish&, 11/15/2019

David Serero draws on his Moroccan Jewish heritage in his adaptations of classic plays.

Being Black And Jewish Means Constantly Being Asked To Choose

Marra B. Gad, Forward, 11/13/2019

The following is an excerpt from “The Color of Love” by Marra B. Gad, which was published this month by Agate Bolden Books.

Afghanistan’s Last Jew Gets Ready for the Taliban—Again

Emran Feroz, Foreign Policy, 10/29/2019

Zabulon Simentov has seen it all, and now, like all Afghans, he must embrace a future filled with uncertainty and violence.


Aveva Dese

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Ethiopian-Israeli singer-songwriter AvevA fuses African groove with the beat of Tel Aviv to create her soul-pop music. AvevA's unique musical sound and inspiring voice will make for a not-to-be-missed concert experience.


Beyond the Streets

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Beyond the Streets is the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and music of the early hip-hop era. The exhibition features prominent Jewish artists such as the Beastie Boys, and the Israeli street art collection "Broken Fingaz".


In black Jew's Yiddish gumbo, the secret ingredient is diversity

Cathryn J.Prince, The Times of Israel, 08/28/2016

Chef Michael Twitty is gay, Jewish, and African-American — not necessarily in that order — serving up delectable fusion cuisine with a side of social justice

7 things to know about the Jews of Brazil

Marcus Moraes, Jew Telegrphic Agency, 08/02/2016

The three top officials of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, including its president, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, are Members of the Tribe. But what about the remaining 120,000 or so Jews who call Brazil home? Who exactly are they? Here’s what you need to know.

Marriage Among Jewish Israelis of Mixed Ethnicity on the Rise

Jordana Skurka, The Canadian Jewish News, 07/19/2016

In the late ‘70s, mixed marriages accounted for only five per cent of all marriages between Israelis. Today, research shows that Israeli marriages of mixed ethnicity are more frequent, with one in five young Jewish Israelis born to mixed parents.

Sandra Lawson, black lesbian vegan rabbinical student, hopes to redefine where Judaism happens

Ben Sales, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 07/19/2016

Sandra Lawson, an African-American lesbian rabbinical student, wants to spread Judaism outside the synagogue.

Jewish Music with A Caribbean Flair

Rabbi Juan Mejia, Jewish&, 07/18/2016

Chavurat Nahariyah is an exciting group of young families in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla in my native Colombia.

If A-Wa Wants Real Mizrahi Revival, It'sTime To Get Political

Leeron Hoory, Forward Magazine, 06/27/2016

A-Wa, the groundbreaking band made up of three Israeli Yemenite sisters who famously sing in Arabic, has just released its first album “Habib Galbi” in the U.S. The band was listed by Rolling Stone last week as one of the 10 New Artists You Need To Know. The group’s first music video, “Habib Galbi,” has attracted 3.5 million views, and they’ve been covered by NPR, VICE, The Washington Post and other international publications.