Iranian Photojournalist Documents Iranian Jews In Iran And Israel

Tzvi Joffre, The Jerusalem Post, 07/10/2019

"While still in Iran they struggled to move out of the country, once they came out of Iran they faced new obstacles and limitations."

Shining Example of Jewish- Muslim Co-Existence At an Indian Synagogue

Ejaz Naqvi, Patheos, 09/24/2018

These Jews and Muslims are leading by example and prove that peace is not just a pipe dream by giving hope to rest of us striving for interfaith harmony.

Imams in Morocco Learn Jewish Culture as Part of Training — and Bring Tolerance to France

Irina Tsukerman, The Algemeiner, 05/04/2018

The 30 imams who have signed a letter against antisemitism and extremism in France are graduates of a special training program for imams in Morocco.

Jews and Muslims Coming Together in Minnesota

Brandie Itman, Jewish&, 01/25/2017

The final process of converting to Judaism is to meet with the beit din (a rabbinic “court” of three learned Jews, usually clergy, who meet with a candidate for conversion).


Multi-faith Ramadan peace dinner held in Israel

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Abrahamic Reunion group promotes love, peace, communication, cooperation and dialogue among the people of the Holy Land.

Jews and Muslims together, the magic of a pilgrimage in Tunisia, Marc Knobel

Marc Knobel, Harissa, 06/10/2016

The magic here and magically transported me to a place of rare beauty, the Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba, the oldest synagogue in North Africa, it is said.

For These Moroccan Muslims, Mimouna Isn't Just a Jewish Thing-It's Their Heritage Too

Aomar Boum, Tablet, 04/18/2014

For Moroccan Jews, Mimouna signifies the promise of redemption and the hopeful return of the messiah. Israel recognized it as a national holiday in 1966; the Mimouna Club contends that the observance deserves a place in Moroccan culture and society, as a celebration of ethnic diversity.