Jewish. Biracial. Changing Perceptions.

UJA Federation Staff, UJA Federation New York, 11/30/2018

Four Questions for Lindsey Newman

How a gay Jewish Latino playwright ended up restaging a Harvey Fierstein classic

Curt Schleier, JTA, 10/26/2018

Harvey Fierstein's masterpiece, "Torch Song Trilogy" strikes a chord with up and coming musical star, Moises Kaufman.

‘My Name Proved to Be a Great Handicap’

Kirsten Fermaglich, Tablet, 10/23/2018

Why American Jews changed their family names during the interwar years.

Celebrating Rosh Hashana With Less ‘Oy,’ More ‘Joy’ and a Bit of Gospel

Cory Kilagannon, The New York Times, 09/10/2018

Including gospel voices in traditional Rosh Hashana religious serices

Adrian Piper’s Show at MoMA is the Largest Ever for a Living Artist. Why Hasn’t She Seen It?

Thomas Chatterton Williams, The New York Times Magazine, 06/27/2018

The conceptual artist’s life and work push against the boundaries of race and identity in America.

Moroccan Americans in New York’ Celebrates Mimouna for the First Time

Irina Tsukerman, Morocco World News, 04/10/2018

Rabat- Moroccan Americans in New York (M.A.N.Y.), a new cultural non-profit organization, which grew organically out of the significant Moroccan community presence in the city, this weekend hosted the celebration of the traditional Jewish Moroccan holiday, Mimouna, which marks the end of the holiday of Passover.

How a Korean-Jewish entrepreneur uses food to empower immigrants

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 07/10/2017

Several times a month Jeanette Chawki welcomes a handful of strangers into her Brooklyn home. There, the visitors learn about life in her native Lebanon, talk about their own backgrounds, and eat food — lots of it.

Banned in Brooklyn: The Judaic Journey of Nappy Hair from Washington, DC to NYC

New York Public Library, New York Public Library, 12/15/2016

Join Carolivia Herron for a reading of her book 'Nappy Hair' at the New York Public Library.

Taste of Samarkand Is a Silk Road Oasis in Queens

Ligaya Mishan, The New York Times, 01/14/2016

A taste of Bukharan Jewish cuisine in the streets of Queens.


JOC Campus Coalition Meeting

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Introducing the Jews of Color Campus Coalition, for Jews of African American, Asian, Latinx, Sephardic and/or Mizrahi heritage. Join us for the first gathering of Jewish students of color from campuses across NYC. Help us create a community and use our collective knowledge to influence the greater Jewish community.