A Black Orthodox Rabbi Explains How He Navigates Both Racism And Anti-Semitism

Jamie Feldman, Huffington Post, 12/06/2018

MaNishtana’s bio states that he is a writer, speaker, rabbi, playwright and author. It goes on to explain that he is also black, Jewish and Orthodox.

How a multiracial Orthodox rabbi is using his background to create a unique community in Brooklyn

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 06/18/2018

Growing up in the Orthodox community of Monsey, New York, as the son of an African-American mother who converted to Judaism and a white Ashkenazi father who became religious later in life, Isaiah Rothstein knows what it’s like not to fit in.

Brooklyn Orthodox shul hires woman spiritual leader

Jewish Community Voices, Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, 09/13/2017

What It Was Like To Grow Up Multiracial and Orthodox in a Hasidic Enclave

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 02/15/2017

They were older than me, by at least five years, and I was afraid. Though my Satmar Hasidic neighbors were my friends, their cousins usually approached me with disdain whenever I’d go over for a playdate.

African American Republican Congressional Candidate Turned Yeshiva Student

Mordechai Ben Avraham Hazzan, Jewish&, 01/19/2017

Today I am a yeshiva student studying Torah full time. Before this, I was a Republican candidate for Congress.

Lot, the Subjective Stranger: A Call for Diversity

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 10/30/2014

But when? and how?! How do I harmoniously keep inclusion as a central value in my life, while also recognizing the need for boundaries?