Xenotheque 2020: Multilingual Poetry Festival Goes Virtual

Julian Voloj, Jewish&, 04/28/2020

Watch live on Be'chol Lashon's Facebook page on Friday, May 1 at 3:00 PM EST.

From Germany to Gabon: The Poetry of Jewish Experience

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 01/09/2019

Jews from around the world participate in unique community event.

When Black History Month and Torah Come Together

Dr. Tarece Johnson, Jewish&, 02/07/2018

A Black-Jewish poet pens Torah-inspired reflections for Black History Month.

Winter Poems As We Celebrate at Hanukkah

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 12/14/2017

Inspired by her multicultural heritage, poet celebrates winter.

Youth Poet-Laureate Embraces Creole and Jewish Heritage

Tova Ricardo, Jewish&, 05/03/2017

Poetry is power for Jewish biracial teen activist.

Reimagining A Holocaust Classic

Lior Ben-Hur, Jewish&, 06/14/2016

Music and Judaism go hand in hand. Every Shabbat service, lifecycle event, Jewish holiday or Israeli holiday has a specific song or melody that relates to that special day.

Mizrahi Artists Are Here to Incite a Culture War

Ayelet Tsabari, Forward, 03/16/2016

A poetry event called Ars Poetica, consisting of typically marginalized poets in Israeli society, has become both the best party in town and the most significant cultural phenomenon in Israel today.

The Mizrahi Thorn in the Side of Israeli Left

Madison Margolin, The Forward, 09/03/2015

Mizrahi poet, Roy Hasan, shares the inspiration for his controversial poem called, “If There’ll Be Peace, All the Arsim Will Come”

The Poetry of Jewish Black Identity

Aaron Samuels, Jewish&, 12/17/2013

Oakland's new youth poet laureate embraces her Jewish and black identities

Arno Rosenfeld, Jweekly, 08/06/2015

A Jewish teenager has earned the title of Oakland’s Youth Poet Laureate, the city’s highest literary honor.