Book Review: The Story of Queen Esther

Shekhiynah Larks, Be'chol Lashon, 03/13/2020

The ancient story of Queen Esther has been told for generations as an example of wisdom and great personal courage. Her bravery is still commemorated each year in the Jewish festival of Purim.

A Persian Princess

Barbara Diamond Goldin and Steliyana Doneva, Apples & Honey Press, 02/01/2020

Raya can't be in the Purim play this year--Purim will be no fun at all! But, Raya's grandmother, Maman joon, shares her sparkly scarves and Persian traditions with her. Together they discover how to make their American Purim uniquley Persian, delicious, and fun.

Will You See Blackface At Your Purim Party — Even After Another National Debate?

Ari Feldman, Forward, 03/19/2019

Somehow, a teenager wearing blackface got into the Purim party.

Jewish Women from Diverse Artistic Perspectives

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 03/13/2019

New show highlights the diversity of Jewish women's experiences.

On this Spanish island, Purim used to be the biggest holiday for persecuted Jews

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 03/12/2019

PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain — On this island south of Barcelona, Jews celebrate Purim these days pretty much as they do most anywhere else in Europe — finally.

A Purim Food Primer

Giora Shimoni, The Spruce Eats, 01/09/2019

Traditional foods and recipe suggestions for this festive holiday.

Purim Traditions Around the World

Mark Mietkiewicz, The Canadian Jewish News, 03/01/2018

As Judaism’s happiest day of the year, we are familiar with the hamantashen, greggers and the costumes. But how about holiday snowmen, human-shaped cakes and crying cacti? These are just some of the Purim traditions from around the world.

Beyond the Bagel: 6 Jewish Foods You Need to Try

Devorah Lev-Tov, Tasting Table, 09/18/2017

From gefilte fish to the mufletta, Jewish cuisine is as varied as the many countries Jews have lived in

A Global Purim Menu and Identity Discussion Guide

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 02/23/2017

Purim is all about the hiding. Esther hid her identity from King Ahashverosh. Haman hid his evil side from the King. And as our tradition teaches, the name of God does not appear in the written account of Purim , because even God is hidden in the Purim story.


Celebrate Purim with JCCSF

Shekhiynah Lar, , 01/01/1970

Looking for a fun and creative project for the kids? JCCSF partnered with Be’chol Lashon so you can make your very own Purim Crowns inspired by the story 'A Persian Princess!'

Sephardic Songs Add Merriment to Purim

Ty Alhadeff, Jewish&, 03/21/2016

And what is a drinking party without drinking songs? As in other Jewish communities, drinking alcohol was part of the celebration of Purim, and an extensive corpus of rhymed, Ladino poems known as koplas (or komplas) developed by Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire

A Recipe for Glamorous Global Purim Cocktails

Marcella White Campbell, Jewish&, 03/16/2016

Want the secret recipe to the perfect global Jewish cocktails? Read on. After all, the story of Purim is, in part, a story about “passing” — hiding your identity because it is disadvantageous or even deadly to be who you really are.

Sephardic Cookies for Purim

Marcia Weingarten, My Jewish Learning, 03/14/2016

Purim is right around the corner! Many communities exchange mishloach manot (Hebrew: sending of portions). In our Ladino community, I’ve always heard it referred to as Platikos di Purim (Purim plates).

At Purim, We Shall Overcome

Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish&, 03/03/2015

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. As I walked out of the convention center, dozens of people with their anti-Israel sentiments, signs, and slurs called me a murderer, called me a Nazi, called me a an animal.

For One Outspoken Teenager in Revolution-Era Iran, Queen Esther Was a Kindred Spirit

Sima Goel, Tablet Magazine, 03/03/2015

Amid political upheaval, an embattled girl fled entirely alone—the lessons of Purim’s heroine propelling her to freedom

This Year, Let's Celebrate #PurimNotPrejudice

Tzipi Sutin, Tablet, 03/02/2015

In the secular world, cultural appropriation is frowned upon. Every Halloween there are PSAs all over Facebook saying, “a culture not a costume.” I would like to bring this message to the Jewish world.

Purim In Paradise, From Nashville To The Caribbean

Rabbi Juan Mejia, Jewish&, 03/02/2015

This month American Hillel students join Be'chol Lashon in exploring the richness of Jewish life in Colombia.