The Evolving Role of Race in Children’s Lit, From ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘The Hate U Give’

Emily Tate, EdSurge, 03/05/2019

By age 22, I had not read a popular fantasy with a character that looked like me. There wasn't the sea of materials that there were for my white friends.

A Black Orthodox Rabbi Explains How He Navigates Both Racism And Anti-Semitism

Jamie Feldman, Huffington Post, 12/06/2018

MaNishtana’s bio states that he is a writer, speaker, rabbi, playwright and author. It goes on to explain that he is also black, Jewish and Orthodox.

What Do Kids Need To Know About Race?

Avital Schriber Levy, Huffington Post, 08/24/2017

The goal of raising the next generation as race conscious and accepting human beings is one that I think needs to be placed firmly on our parental agendas.

What Kinds Of Users Are There? Identity and Identity Descriptions

Aaron Marcus,, 03/16/2017

User-centered design of user-friendly products and services is based on the assumption that designers are aware of who the users are. Their understanding is embodied in typical user identities or personas. There is much discussion about whether these are typical, stereotypical, and archetypical, and how one can account for, or not lose track of, important outliers that might have a valuable influence under unforeseen conditions of use.

How Can Jews Talk About Race?

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 01/10/2017

How can Jews talk about race? How can Jews not talk about race? Race is part of all of our lives no matter the color of our skin or Jewish background.

On Shofar Blowing and Racism

Maya Resnikoff, Jewish&, 09/26/2016

Moving through a set of Shofar blasts that includes all the different sounds of the shofar, this meditation brings us through the process of Teshuvah, of Return, focusing on difference and unity.

Defusing the Racial Timebomb

Diane Tobin, Jewish&, 12/04/2014

When I adopted my son Jonah in 1997, one of my primary concerns was that he would not see himself reflected in the American Jewish community—that his Jewish identity and his Black identity would be in conflict.

How Maya Rudolph Became the Master of Impressions

Caity Weaver, New York Times Magazine, 09/14/2018

The actress and comedian can move up and down the scales of race, age and gender with hilarious ease — a talent that grew from finding her place in a world where no one looked like her.