Mass Incarceration, Then and Now

David Remnick, The New York Times, 01/17/2020

The U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world; although the country makes up about five per cent of the global population, it holds nearly a quarter of the world’s prisoners.

As a Black Jew, I’m Being Forced to Walk a Tightrope After the Monsey Attack

Shekhiynah Larks, Heyalma, 01/02/2020

Being unapologetically Black and Jewish is a revolutionary act.

A Journey of Racism in Brazil

Desiree Griggs, esri, 10/14/2019

Brazil has had long history of discrimination against blacks.

It’s Time For The Jewish Community To Do Teshuva For Its Treatment of Jews Of Color

Jared Jackson, The Forward, 10/02/2019

The high holidays are a great time for reflection, community, spirituality, and celebration. But for many Jews of color, parents and partners from other faith traditions and those experiencing Judaism for the first time, it is also a time to stay on high alert.

Accidental Racism in the Jewish World

Aryeh Ho, Aish, 08/24/2019

A “harmless” joke highlights the problem of racial sensitivity in some sectors of the Jewish community.

"Protest is a marathon, has to go the right way."

Raz Gross, ynet, 05/11/2019

Abi Wassa has been singing with Idan Raichel for 17 years, appeared in front of Obama and his voice can be heard with huge hits.

Innocence Erased: How Society Keeps Black Boys from Being Boys

Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post, 09/20/2018

As debate roils around whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be judged for sexual assault alleged to have happened when he was 17, researchers note that black boys seldom get that kind of consideration for ‘youthful indiscretions.’

White Jews: Stop Calling Yourselves “White-Passing”

Nylah Burton, Forward, 07/02/2018

The cross-section between Jewishness and white privilege.

After furor, Barkan winery says Ethiopian workers to work as usual

Tamar Pileggi and TOI Staff, The Times of Israel, 06/27/2018

Leading winemaker had banned employees of African descent from coming into contact with wine to comply with strict new kosher license, prompting cries of racism.