This Rosh Hashanah, Celebrate With a Classic Persian Dish of Antiquity

Jonathan Hirshon, Forward, 09/19/2019

One of the greatest glories of Jewish cuisine is its diversity - a celebration of the Diaspora that touches upon the antiquity of our people, as the New Year turns.

Light and Sweet

Leah Koenig, Tablet, 06/04/2019

Because I primarily ate rice pudding at these diners, the dish always felt more connected to my Midwestern roots rather than my Jewish heritage. But while researching dishes to include in The Jewish Cookbook—my forthcoming collection of global Jewish recipes—I discovered that rice pudding has a definitive place in the Jewish kitchen, particularly within Sephardi cuisine.

Italian Passover Customs and Recipes

Ghila Sanders, Jewish&, 04/09/2019

Ancient traditions and foods animate Passover Seder for Italian Jews

Haroset from around the world

Sybil Kaplan, Canadian Jewish News, 04/08/2019

What Passover seder symbol is found in the traditions of all Jewish communities, but is not mentioned in the biblical passage that enjoins us to eat the paschal offering, matzah and bitter herbs? Haroset.

Passover Charoset from Indonesia

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 04/04/2019

Global recipes star at Passover in Singapore

Greek Halvah

Elisheva Margulies, My Jewish Learning, 02/26/2019

While it is disputed where it originated over 3000 years ago–some say India, others Turkey, others say it was definitely Byzantine–there is no doubt that halvah is one of the most common desserts in the world.

Living and Eating with True Indian Jewish Style

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 02/19/2019

Recipes for Indian Jewish Brunch

Pomegranate Molasses Chicken Wings Recipe

Sonya Sanford, The Nosher, 01/24/2019

Pomegranate molasses is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking, where it is added to all kinds of dishes from stews, to dips, glazes for meats, and more

The Secret Jewish History of Vanilla

Rachel Ringler, My Jewish Learning, 12/12/2018

Turns out a staple ingredient has Jewish roots!

Eating Jewish: Iraqi Purim Delicacies

Katherine Romanow, Jewish Women's Archive, 03/17/2011

The two recipes are traditionally associated with Purim in the Iraqi community and also correspond to the food symbolism that is connected with this holiday across the Jewish community.

What's Inside? 'Hidden Foods' for Purim

Ruth Abusch-Magder, The Jew and the Carrot, 03/15/2011

Bimuelos with Honey-Orange Drizzle

Adena Sussman, My Jewish Learning, 12/03/2007

Eating fried foods is one of the distinct pleasures of Hanukkah, and the tradition behind it is well-known. According to legend, after the temple was ransacked by Antiochus' troops, a small vial of undefiled oil miraculously lasted for 8 days, until more oil could be found..

Exotic Latke Recipes for Celebrating All Eight Days of Hanukkah

Jayne Cohen,, 12/01/2006

I always thought that lovely carol, cataloguing each of the twelve days of Christmas giving, brought Hanukkah more to mind.

Hamantaschen de Panama

Tina Wasserman, Reform Judaism, 11/30/-0001