Transforming the warmth of the Persian community into something new

Saba Soomekh, Forward, 05/24/2020

As an Iranian Jew, I take pride in the warmth, hospitality, and intense affection and love that is displayed in my community.

Ezra's BIG Shabbat Question

Aviva L. Brown and Anastasia Kanavaliuk, SpringLight Publishing, 07/30/2019

Ezra LOVES questions! Follow his adventure, which will leave your little one in stitches of laughter.

Cooking Up A Diverse Community

Jennifer Richler, Tablet, 02/19/2019

A new group called Kugel brings together the ‘multicultural bubble’ of New York’s Jewish scene.

They came for the World Cup and stayed for Shabbat

Dovid Margolin, SunSentinel, 06/28/2018

Soccer fans enjoy a kosher meal at the Chabad Jewish community center in Samara, Russia.

Hazana: Around the World in Jewish Vegetable Dishes

Victoria Prever, The Jewish Chronicle, 01/12/2018

If you've got the January blues, the new book from vegetarian author, Paola Gavin, will brighten up your dinner table.

Letting millennials lead the way. Millennial ‘Gatherings’ Bridge Cultural Gaps

Amy Sarah Clark, Jewish Weekly Media Group, 07/06/2017

Shabbat pilot program’s DIY vibe speaks to generation’s instincts.

Open Shabbat

Skirball Staff, Skirball Cultural Center, 10/21/2016

When do you reflect? Unwind from the week at this communal, family-style meal held in recognition of the harvest.

Not My Mother’s Matzah Balls: My Moroccan Kitchen

Natasha Cooper-Bentley, Jewish&, 07/17/2014

In this blog post, the author shares her experience of straying from Jewish familial traditions in her kitchen.

Challah with a Chinese Twist

Molly Yeh, Jewish&, 01/21/2014

Shabbat with the Iranian Jews of Tehran

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, Jewish News, 02/18/2016

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is moved and humbled by her visit to a synagogue in the Iranian capital Tehran, where thousands of Jews still live and pray

Reclaiming Jewish Identity: An Aboriginal People of the Middle East

Binyamin Arazi, Huffington Post, 07/07/2015

Praying For My Children After Charleston

Marcella White Campbell, Jewish&, 06/29/2015

It is an incredible act of hope, celebrating the week that has come and anticipating a week we are sure will follow. Shabbat after Shabbat, I have asked and prayed that my children be safe in the week to come.

Welcoming the Bride Modern Style

Lior Ben-Hur, Jewish&, 02/17/2015

Since I released my latest music video, "Boee Kala", many friends, fellow musicians, and community members have asked me questions regarding to the meaning of the song, its title, the choice of location for shooting the video as well as my personal connection to the text.

Ancient Jewish Aphrodisiacs Can Spice Up Valentine's Day - or Any Shabbat Dinner

Merissa Nathan Gerson, Tablet, 02/12/2014

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, put romance on the menu by taking some advice from everyone from Maimonides to Dr. Ruth

Around the World in One Shabbat

Durga Yael Bernhard, Jewish Lights Publishing, 01/15/2011