New group for Jewish teens of color to hang out and ‘smash systems of oppression’

Tova Ricardo, The J., 08/28/2019

"Being with each other as Jews of color is a radical act."

Rabbi Meets Jews Where They Are Today

Marissa Stern, Jewish Exponent, 06/20/2018

“As I learned more about Judaism, I learned more about being in the community and what does that mean, and I liked them and I wanted to be a part of it,”

Marchers Stand Up for Rights and Atlanta

Rachel Fayne, Atlanta Jewish Times, 01/24/2017

The following are first-person reports from the women’s marches held in Atlanta, Washington and hundreds of other cities Saturday, Jan. 21.

Tikkun Olam on Juneteenth

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 06/16/2014

Despite the fact that it’s a celebration, I have bittersweet feelings about Juneteenth.

Caught In The Middle In New Campus Wars

Hannah Dreyfus, The Jewish Week, 12/09/2015

Collision of racial justice, Israel, free speech issues putting Jewish students in bind. "The Israel question has morphed into an issue about race and identity rather than a conversation about policy," said Weinberg. director of research at Be'chol Lashon.

Owning My Identities

Evan Traylor, Jewish&, 10/27/2015

I’ve always known that I was somehow different in the Jewish community. I didn’t look like the other kids in Hebrew school. And I eventually took on the expectation of providing the perspective and feelings of Black people to my Jewish friends in youth group and at camp.

Praying with My Feet Because #BlackLivesMatter

Ruth Abusch Magder, Jewish&, 08/18/2015

In my own life and in my rabbinate, I often draw on the story of journey from Egypt to the land of Israel. But usually it is a metaphor. This past week, it became much more tangible, literally embodied.

We need to talk about race

John Metta, San Francisco Chronicle, 07/17/2015

A Rabbi Mourns African American Christians

Isaiah Rothstein, My Jewish Learning, 07/16/2015

Yes…it was arson…

Hawaii teen creates a garden for needy neighbors

Suzanne Kurtz Sloan, JTA, 06/07/2015

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Hear Our Voices

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, Beachwood and OH, , 01/19/2015

Hear an inspiring performance followed by a conversation with Pushcart-nominated poet, TEDx speaker an acclaimed facilitator of critical identity discussions Aaron Levy Samuels.

Bread and Bakers Rising Together

Michael Kaminer, The Forward, 09/17/2014

Defining Heroes

Rahel Musleah, Rahel's Jewish India, 04/16/2014