New shul, New City

Larry Yudelson, Jewish Standard, 12/04/2019

Rabbi’s story of exclusion leads to mission of inclusion.

Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd Holiday

Eric Tenorio, Jewish Boston, 11/26/2019

In Israel, the holiday officially began on Nov. 26 and continues through Nov. 27.

A Personal Trainer, Vegan and Sociologist Walk into a Synagogue — Oh Wait, that’s just Sandra Lawson

Asha Prihar, Yale News, 10/12/2018

Lawson visited Yale this Tuesday to speak about religion, intersectional identities and creating inclusive environments at multiple events hosted by the Slifka Center for Jewish Life, the Office of LGBTQ Resources and the Afro-American Cultural Center.

Julius Lester Hailed As Role Model For Jews Of Color After Death At 78

Sam Kestenbaum, The Forward, 01/21/2018

Julius Lester, a celebrated African American author and civil rights activist whose conversion to Judaism in the 1980s made him a celebrated face of Jewish diversity, has died at 78

Bias Case Roiling Yonkers Shul Pulling In Latinos

Doug Chandler, The New York Jewish Week, 01/17/2018

Rabbi Manny Vinas claims discrimination; is recent larceny connected?

Jews Should Embrace Racial Diversity

Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder, Atlanta Jewish Times, 01/03/2018

African-American Jews can offer surprising insights about the Jewish community.

That Time a Jewish Hero Came to Dinner

Avrum Rosensweig, Canadian Jewish News, 08/24/2017

I wanted my son to meet a Jewish hero, so I invited one for dinner. His name is Joseph Enyew. He is an Ethiopian Jew. In 1984, just finishing his teen years, Joseph rescued more than 1,500 Jewish souls.

The Unbelievable Way One Woman Discovered The Truth Of Her Racial Identity

Rachel Selvin and Elisa Kreisinger, Refinery29, 07/31/2017

At first glance, Lacey Schwartz's childhood seems pretty picturesque: Raised in Woodstock, New York — a sleepy town located about 2 hours north of Manhattan — Schwartz grew up as the only child of her white, Jewish parents, enveloped by a loving community of friends and teachers.

Let my people in: The case of the Venezuela Nine

Rabbi Juan Mejia and, Jewish Journal, 01/18/2017

In a small city in Venezuela, there are nine Jews. Five adults, two teens, two children. They pray the same prayers you do. They celebrate the same holidays you do. They worry about the safety of their children and of the Jewish people, like you do.