Jews Of Color: ‘We Don’t Feel Comfortable In The Synagogue’

Stewart Ain, The New York Jewish Week, 06/05/2019

New surveys shed light on overlooked segments.

Hazana: Around the World in Jewish Vegetable Dishes

Victoria Prever, The Jewish Chronicle, 01/12/2018

If you've got the January blues, the new book from vegetarian author, Paola Gavin, will brighten up your dinner table.

Colorblindness blocks our view of racism, injustice

Diane Tobin, The J, 09/26/2014

Dealing with the complexity of race means acknowledging difficult realities, and Jewish tradition teaches us to lean into rather than shy away from complexity. Sitting with challenges, examining our biases and asking questions are the essence of the Jewish New Year.

Leaving Guilt Behind Before Rosh Hashanah

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish Exponent, 09/10/2014

Love can be a powerful force for change, easier to embrace and more satisfying than guilt.

That yarmulke says Duluth all over it

Robin Washington, Duluth News Tribune, 05/12/2013

The yarmulke asserts that, trumping my skin color and features that otherwise might lead people to correctly identify me as African-American, or incorrectly as Middle Eastern or Hispanic, or if they're not sure, as ... somethin'.

The Everything Judaism Book: A Complete Primer to the Jewish Faith-From Holidays and Rituals to Traditions and Culture

Richard D. Bank, , 10/01/2002

The Everything Judaism Book explains the major precepts of this robust religion in language anyone can understand and appreciate, from high holy days to symbols and objects.