What It’s Like Raising a Jewish-Indian Kid in Trump’s America

Emily Burack, Kveller, 03/19/2019

Something about [the election] really put a sort of clarifying lens on which conversations I needed to amplify and which ones were haunting me. I knew I had to figure out a way to talk about the formation of my identity, because I understood [my son’s] was forming right in that moment. There were circles to what he was going through and to what I had gone through, and I had never seen them talked about in America.

Latino Jews Respond to Trump

MaNishtana, Tablet, 12/06/2016

"You are not Latina," Tanya Saavedra's stepfather once told her. "You are Jewish! You will never be able to get rid of that."

A Letter to My Black and Jewish Daughter in Light of the Election

Marcella White Campbell, Jewish&, 11/17/2016

You came to me, now grown the morning after the election, and cried. This wasn’t supposed to happen, you said. I didn’t know what to say in return.