Howard County Jewish Community Raises $10K for Jews in Uganda

Andrew Michales, Howard County Times, 08/17/2017

Famine in East Africa caught the attention of members of the Jewish Federation of Howard County last month when they learned of a small Jewish community in Uganda, known as the Abayudaya, who are suffering from starvation

Ugandan Jews Look to Jewish World for Help with Famine Relief

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 07/31/2017

The Chief Rabbi of Uganda discusses how famine in East Africa is impacting the Abayudaya Jews and their neighbors.

Boy Connects Pennsylvania with Uganda

Morey Averill, Jewish&, 06/21/2017

Inspired by need and connection, bar mitzvah boy reaches across the globe.

In Uganda, Abayudaya Jews Fight for Survival - One Well at a Time

Susan Barnett, Scribe: The Forward's Contributor Network, 10/31/2016

As Jews around the world celebrate the restarting of the Torah, among them is probably the world's newest, and unlikeliest, group of Jews.

Parsha Nitzavim: The Gifts of Global Jewish Life

Hillel Smith, The Parsha Poster Project, 09/29/2016

Lacking status in Israel, Jews in Uganda see new synagogue as ‘our Jerusalem’

Josefin Dolsten, JTA, 09/15/2016

When there was no more space in the synagogue in Nabagoye, Uganda, congregants would go outside, gathering under trees. But the branches weren’t enough to shield them from the rain during the East African country’s wet seasons, which last about half the year. A new 7,000-square-foot synagogue center set to open Friday will solve that problem — yet there is also something larger at stake.

In Uganda, a new synagogue for a remote group of Jews

Lauren Markoe, RNS, 09/15/2016

They are unlike any other group of Jews in the world, and they are growing in what may seem the most unlikely of places: a remote collection of villages in eastern Uganda.

Hanukkah Light for Women in Uganda

Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, Jewish&, 12/15/2014

The miracle of Hanukkah is bringing light to places of darkness.

A Typical Jewish Mother… in Uganda

Danielle Meshorer, Jewish&, 11/08/2013

USY builds yeshiva for Ugandan Jews

Staff Writer, JTA, 12/27/2007

Out of Africa (World Jewish Digest)

Lindsey Miller, World Jewish Digest, 11/21/2007


Pat Launer, San Diego Jewish Journal, 10/01/2007

Local Jewish Community Aids Ugandan Rabbi-to-be

Jonathan Shugarts, Republican-American, 08/06/2007

World traveler fills void in Uganda

Yuxing Zheng, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 08/03/2007

Rabbi Gershom Sizomu Releases new CD, Sing for Joy

Staff Writer, Be'chol Lashon Newsletter, 05/01/2007

Letter from Chair of Medical Advisory

Jacob Mwosuko, Be'chol Lashon Newsletter, 04/01/2007