Hispanic Heritage Month: Exploring The Connection Between Latin Americans And Judaism

Steve Overmyer, CBSN New York, 09/24/2020

Latin America is home to the 3rd largest Jewish community in the world.

The Lost Tribes of Spanish Jews

Cara Tabachnick, Tablet Magazine, 11/07/2019

Torn between leaving or staying in chaos, Venezuelan Jews turn toward Spain

Finding the Flavors of Morocco in Venezuela

Jasmina Kelemen, Tablet, 04/09/2018

Once a month in Caracas, Estrella Benmaman turns her home into a restaurant, putting a new spin on her Fez-born grandmother’s recipes

Let my people in: The case of the Venezuela Nine

Rabbi Juan Mejia and, Jewish Journal, 01/18/2017

In a small city in Venezuela, there are nine Jews. Five adults, two teens, two children. They pray the same prayers you do. They celebrate the same holidays you do. They worry about the safety of their children and of the Jewish people, like you do.

Group of Venezuelan Jewish Converts Denied Immigration to Israel

MaNishtana and, Tablet: The Scroll, 01/04/2017

According to the Law of Return, Jewish converts who wish to make aliyah are required to undergo a conversion in a "recognized Jewish community," and then spend at least nine months actively engaged in Jewish life in said recognized community before they can move to Israel. However, for a group of nine Venezuelan Jews from Maracay who coverted to Judaism in 2014 under the auspices of a Conservative rabbinical court-and who joined a synagogue an hour's drive from their hometown and have been practicing and studying their religion for three years-they apparently are not "involved enough" in Jewish life to make aliyah.

Chavez era remembered as perilous time for Venezuelan Jewry

Alina Dain Sharon, JNS.org, 03/11/2013

Jews Relieved by Chavez Defeat

Larry Luxner, JTA, 12/03/2007

Even under Chavez, Jews well off

Larry Luxner, JTA, 12/03/2007

Under Chavez's Rule, Venezuela's Jews Fear for Future

Hal Weitzman, Forward.com, 03/16/2007

Kirchner Promotes Chavez Meeting

Staff Writer, JTA, 02/22/2007