The Hebrew Mamita Presents: Kaleidoscope

At KALEIDOSCOPE we highlight the myriad stories of Jews of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. As our families, synagogues, and community centers grow more diverse, we are encouraged that our audacious mission is more critical than ever before.

Through extensively crafted, deeply personal stories, Kaleidoscope will delve into the ever-popular question “What does Jewish look like to you?” The diverse and talented cast includes performers of a wide range of ethnicities, including Jamaican, Ethiopian, Israeli, Moroccan, Yeminite, Libyan and African-American Jews.

Come hear them share their stories.

KALEIDOSCOPE. Boldly Diverse – Distinctly Jewish.

“The Kaleidoscope Showcase has fostered a creative forum for Jews-of-color and diverse ethnic backgrounds to wrestle with their experiences,” says Associate Producer Kendell Pinkney.