Far East Kotel of New Dehli

Translation by Dennis Ybarra.

Good tidings for Israeli backpackers: A special replica of the Wall (Kotel) will be set up in New Delhi. In exchange, the Indians will provide a replica of a Hindu temple for Jerusalem.

If you plan to be part of the tens of thousands of Israelis who visit the

Indian subcontinent annually, you will soon discover in the capital, New Delhi, something very familiar from home. In an unusual cultural-religious cooperation between New Delhi and the Israeli capital a model of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount will be erected.

The model, which is almost identical including the famous request notes, will be prepared by municipality of Jerusalem and will be transferred soon to the Indians. At the same the Indians will transfer to Jerusalem a model of a traditional Hindu temple of the kind that can be found on every corner in India.

The Hindu temples are known as colorful places and every day millions of believers bring with them offerings and incense to the different gods. “The Religious Exchange Program” is a joint initiative of Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski and the mayor of New Delhi, Arti Mahara, together with the American Jewish Congress.

Mahara was a guest this week of Lupiolianski in the framework of a conference of mayors who came to Jerusalem from all over the world. Both came to the conclusion that the model of the Wall (Kotel) in the Indian capital can be a point of interest for the millions who live in the city as well as a rest stop for thousands of Israeli backpackers. “The reputation of Israelis in Delhi is improving,” said Mahara. “We already hear less about problematic occurrences and I believe that every gesture and every positive step, like this initiative, can help the ties between the countries.”

About the idea itself said New Delhi’s mayor, “I think the idea discussed is beautiful and positive. When you stroll around in Jerusalem you get a good feeling in seeing the expression of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It’s wonderful and causes an atmosphere of peace. Hinduism is a way of life where there is a place for everyone in society, that they have a happy life and a peaceful balance.”


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