Hypocrisy reigns in Israel-boycott movement

Next weekend, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Conference against Israel will be held at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. The organizing committee is made up of unions, Islamic groups and radical leftist NGOs.

These organizers consider Israel a racist state, reject any form of Israeli-Palestinian co-operation and oppose the efforts to reach peace through a two-state settlement for two peoples.

In the imaginary world of these radicals, their movement pretends to follow the path of the international boycott of the former South African apartheid regime. So they naturally invited guest speaker Bongani Masuku, International Affairs Secretary of the Confederation of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). The only problem is the South African Human Rights Commission has found Masuku guilty of anti-Semitic hate speech against the South African Jewish community.

Another speaker of honour this weekend will be Denis Lemelin, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, a sponsor of the event.

Our postal workers pay compulsory union dues to fund a conference of the radical left whose purpose is to demonize Israel. If only postal workers could choose to stop paying for such an unrepresentative union and tear up their membership cards.

A third speaker is John Greyson, self-proclaimed queer filmmaker and activist from Toronto, who falsely involved Jane Fonda and John Cameron in an anti-Israel boycott campaign.

How surprising to see a so-called defender of gay rights propagate his hate of Israel, the only state in the Middle East where homosexuality is legal, visible and not discriminated against.

Greyson and his followers demonstrated against Israel in the latest Gay Pride parades in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. They seem to ignore that in Israel’s enemy countries, homosexuality sometimes leads to the death penalty while the Israeli metropolis, Tel Aviv, generally has a float in their parade to invite gays to celebrate in their Mecca of tolerance.

Protests begin

In anticipation of the BDS conference, a dozen extreme-left activists were already demonstrating last Saturday in front of a store, Le Marcheur, on St-Denis St. in Montreal. They requested the immediate withdrawal of shoes made in Israel. Jafar Khadir, father of Amir Khadir, the local Member of the National Assembly, led this purge against Israeli products in Montreal.

Let me remind you that a few years ago, this same Jafar Khadir housed an Islamo-Marxist organization, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, in one of his buildings on St-Laurent Blvd. in downtown Montreal.

This is a classified terrorist group in Canada. At that time, his two sons were working as volunteers for the organization.

Tough to follow these leftists: They want to forbid the legal sale of products made in a democratic country that respects all workers’ rights and with which Canada has a free-trade agreement while they close their eyes and hold their nose when it’s time to denounce Islamists and terrorists.

All democrats, gays, women and workers who care to protect their rights should instead boycott, divest and sanction the BDS conference and its anti-Semite organizers!


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